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You Have To Understand The Other Person’s Energy

Different energies, different behavior patterns, and do not come hand in hand when communicating with somebody, we were discussing people when they are in grief, and then how should you be communicating with them in your effort to improve their emotional energy, you tell them motivational things, you want them to feel better, you want them to look happier. But that is where you fail in communication, because you have to understand the other person’s energy wherever that person is, and this energy when a person is persistently talking about the past and sad and in grief. You cannot change their emotional energy, just with some jokes or with some motivational inspiration talks with them.

Everybody Is Different And Unique

If you think that people are on a different energy level, and you can’t get along with every other person, which is true, because that is how this bouquet of different people all around us is everybody is different and unique. And they sit on their energy, which they have. They have been put together because of their experiences in their life.

Energy Of FEAR

Now let’s talk about one particular energy, which is very common, and that energy is the energy of fear. People are afraid generally, afraid of something bad happening to them. If there is some information, which enhances fear, or which brings in more fear, they give in the ear to that they just want to listen to, as to what happened, who, where and this fear energy just gets the attention. If you look at the media, and news, everything is fear, and diseases, and wars, accidents, sickness, all the things, they just create fear. We all are pretty much tuned to listening to what is going on bad. Some of the professionals you come across, also spread fear in you, because fear is something that gets the attention of another person. And then once you get the attention, you can do whatever you want to sell.

The Best Language That They Will Understand Is A Language Of FEAR

People who are in the energy of fear, love fear, and they want to spread fear. And if you come across them, and you want to communicate with them. The best language that they will understand is a language of fear. To have a good relationship with them, you have to talk about fear, act afraid and kind of try to understand all the fears they have. It is not easy to talk to somebody who has fear, an emotion of fear, about coming to the present time and then experience because he fears what’s present time, he can’t see the present time and he discourages people to be in the present time because he’s afraid. You will be surprised to see or maybe you will start noticing that how many people are generally on the fear band. A huge population is in fear.

You Should Match Your Energy, Tuning In The Energy Of Another Person

In the communication action, when you’re talking about a personal fear, go a little bit higher than the fear and just ask questions, what worse can happen and how do you know all that, and just talk all your communication around fear. Now what you need to know, matching your energy, tuning in the energy of another person if you do not match, and then you see broken relationships. Your spouse can be on fear, your siblings can be on fear and your boss can be on fear and your co-workers can be on fear? That is their emotional energy.

And if you just start making fun of them, or you just say that, Oh, it’s worth less talking to them, because they’re always in fear. You will be left alone, that is not what you want. But then to communicate with them, it is important to understand if they are in fear, don’t try to pull them out of fear, because they’re too afraid to leave the energy of fear. Just let them be there. Understand, ask them what they are afraid of, and then you will see all the fears coming up.

Circling It In The Same Energy In Which The Other Person Is

This is a very important tip to be in a good relationship with someone using the tool of communication, and then circling it in the same energy in which the other person is. Fear is a motivational factor sometimes for people so they just use it. For you to leave fear and be fearless. You first have to understand where the fear is coming from and what they’re afraid of. And then gradually with communication, help them separate from fear little by little. That is what is the communication power to help someone release one energy and move to another energy.


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