What is the goal of marriage?

What is the goal of marriage?

What is the goal of marriage? the answers are different, very common answer is the goal is to have children, bring up children, get them settled, that is the goal of marriage. Another goal of marriage is to be better married than being single.

The key to a happy marriage is TWO-WAY communication

The goal of marriage is to have a happy married life, a life which you dreamt about. And now you are together with somebody else and you’re bringing strengths to yourself in the form of another person who complements you. For a happy married life, two people need not to be alike similar to each other, two people should be able to have two-way communication you talk I listen, I talk you listen, such a simple equation about communication, two-way communication more you practice more understanding comes in this relationship.

When you say that you should spend quality time with each other, that doesn’t mean going to different esoteric places and not going for elaborate travel plans or watching TV together or going for hiking or listening to music. It might have some value.

But the most important value is two way communication, you talk I listen, I talk you listen two-way communication practiced for a few minutes or two hours together is very enriching. You do not need books or tips or guidance. Like what should we talk about?. Just talk your heart out to your spouse. So, that he knows you on a daily basis. Because you are life, you change every day. And every day you should be heard and experienced.

SIMPLICITY of the communication is the essence of two way communication

A happy married life has two happy individuals who feel that they are understood by someone very close and special to them. So, two way communication needs patience, respect and admiration for each other and enough space. So that the communication can get across as it is without any meanings, or between the lines readings. The Simplicity of communication is the essence of two way communication. Say whatever you feel and let the other person get it. When you can feel each other through two-way communication. Gradually, you start moving from the physical band to the spiritual band, a band of union of souls. And this relationship, it starts from physical proximity and changes into being soulmates with each other.

So remember the goal of marriage is having a happy married life and happy married life is a life in which there is two-way communication; “you talk I listen, I talk you listen”. Thank you

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