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Healing is a term that addresses the living. Healing is an integral part of living. You heal every day from illness, injury, and ill health. You heal from losses; you heal from insults, you heal from life because life is uncertain; it does not come defined every day. You have to get up and face it. So, brace all the situations as they come and understand by the end of the day what you have been through and what it means now, but then every day is a new day, the next day, a new situation, new problems, and then you solve them. This is a constant effort to continue to live where you keep solving, keep solving, and the problems are never-ending.

Healing is a process one has to go through. Healing is not instantaneous. Healing has to go along with life. Healing should be an integral part of living. Healing should be daily.

What is it that needs to be healed? People in the world have compartmentalized Bodies, Minds, and spirits. I do not go into that much categorization; I just say it is you and you if you are not complete in some form or shape. It shows up through your body. The body is a reflection of you; you are very perceptive and impressive. You experience things that impinge on you. After every experience and impingement, you change. Sometimes you like that change, and sometimes that change is not appreciated. Sometimes that change can be discomforting and uncomfortable.
These changes need to be understood and processed. Brought to understanding brought to be an integral part of you.

That is what is healing. Healing is focused on you. You cannot live in a compartmentalized body, mind spirit. It’s you; it’s your story. You are the one who is running this car. You are the driver if the driver forgets the rules of driving and is not fully attentive or not present. This car tends to break down.

So healing comes in complete form. That is where this word has come from. Holistic. Holistic means Whole. The mountains and nature stand as a whole; it presents themselves as a whole. You have to be part of nature whole, not broken into many, many pieces. That is what holistic healing is. That is what I specialize in. I help you understand what went wrong, where, how, and when because of what you are and your situation, and you know it the best.

So, I help you navigate the path of healing. You are the healer you will heal yourself. I will just hold your hand. This is what holistic healing is. Welcome to this path, and take your first step. Thank you

Holistic healing people have been using various therapies, and to name a few of them are acupuncture, acupressure, Eastern medicine, Indian medicine, Ayurveda, Chinese herbal medicines, Reiki energy healing, crystal healing, balancing the chakras, EFT names can be added on, and on. And people use one service, and then they use another service, and sometimes they get confused in all these services and do not know the headway out of it. Healing someone or healing yourself needs patience and patience, following the process and going through it one step at a time.

I have always tried to look at things differently and understand what everybody tries to do. When offering healing in all these different forms, they’re addressing you. They’re basically talking to you, nurturing and supplementing food in your body, and making you understand how food and you interact; that’s why herbs and medicines have become part of healing. There is a conventional way of healing which is pretty symptomatic, and the symptomatic form is when you match the pill with the ill and see the symptoms and then take any medication which can subdue those symptoms and not handle the symptoms are cure you from those symptoms, but somehow manage those symptoms and then keep on managing lifelong that is a term they use sometimes I ask how long the life remains, once you start managing symptoms.

Other systems, which sometimes you know do not have any explanation, like Reiki energy healing, acupuncture, and acupressure, have their school of thought, and they deal with you and the body. When I address somebody’s healing process, I first try to understand from where that person is coming and how he is living his day-to-day life. What does he do in his free time? And what does he stand for? What are his value systems? And what thoughts is he carrying? Who does he follow, with what lens is he looking the life, and if there are many perspectives one person is looking at on life? So, all those perspectives may not be aligned together, and as a result, there is confusion.

Confusion is the first step of disease. When you start getting confused, then this is starting this dis-ease. My first task is to take somebody out of confusion in his or her life. I just check with them how many are addressing their life, how many ways they go at one particular moment, how many people are influencing their life, and how many chapters they have opened up in their life that they are reading simultaneously. Confusion is the first step when healing goes out of the window. We have to sort out the confusion as the first step of healing. And then you use any system of therapy which I mentioned earlier. But in case life is not sorted out and confusion is not taken care of, none of the therapy remains as effective as it is claimed. So, if you are listening to this audio reading the blog, I have translated this to look at all the various aspects of your life from where the confusion is emerging, close some windows of your life plus some chapters, which are not necessary to read close some relationships plus some engagements so, that there are not too many random particles in your life running in all directions at one particular moment.

Nobody can actually heal you but yourself. For you to heal yourself, you have to come up with all your energy together, and in order and that energy to be together, you have to see various day-to-day activities which disperse you or distribute you in different segments. When I ask somebody to get his first step in the process of healing, I always say that can you make a list of all the undone, unfinished work in your life which are pending, and those pending items are taking away a lot of your energy or attention just by making a list of those things, restores a person’s energy and now, you know what to do

To get out of confusion, the first step is to hold on to one and off solution and then navigate along with that solution through the problem. So, putting your energy together is the first step, and then for you to heal or recover from something, some ailment, some loss, or some problem, always try to make a timeline like when it started and how it was before it started. And from them from then to now. Because the timeline will bring you to now, and when you believe in making time, then you will be surprised to see that you are still in them and not not. So, if one does not move along with time, so-called time or flow with the flow of nature, the flow of the universe, and gets stuck in some part or getting some part of the illusion and thinks this is what it will be forever.

Making a timeline can be the next step time from when the problem started to the present time; List out all the events which come to your mind.
List out all the situations you have been through from then to now.
List out all the fears you foresee and anxieties you foresee that also take you away from now,

So, a human being or an individual is in now, he is not in then on this side or then on that side means he cannot be in the past or in the future. If you are in the past or in the future, then your energy is unavailable. You are dispersed in these two time zones are points that are taking you away from now while you want to heal now.

So I help you, I help you hold your hand help you walk from then to now. Look at the beauty of now. The Power Strength of now. Now might look scary. Not because of its existence but because it can look scary because you’re still out of it. You’re still out of it either on this side or on that side, either in the past or in the future. Let’s come back to the present moment. Get our energy together and heal ourselves. This is what holistic healing is come join me. We will travel together. Thank you

We live in the physical body and experience mental, emotional, and spiritual situations. In our lives, we drift away from the eternal source and get trapped in various activities of mind, body, and soul. These activities are interconnected and healing only one part never gives a completely satisfactory solution. Holistic Healing is providing internal and external treatment as a whole. In the chaos of various factors, we all tend to lose control of balance and often go to the extreme. Holistic healing helps us to regain and empower our energy to lead a balanced and fulfilled life. There are different ways to manage holistic healing in our lives with one goal of developing harmony and balance.

Dr. Alka Chopra Madan with more than 38 years of deep intense knowledge and experience of various healing ways has helped many people to sense the lost rhythm in themselves. She is a holistic healer and with her empath nature, she has successfully and gracefully rejuvenated the energy of the people around her and her clients. She knows, understands, and thereby delivers the customized holistic healing techniques to generate interconnectivity among the different areas of humans on the physical and beyond the physical level.


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Our holistic healing approach embraces the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, offering a comprehensive and integrative approach to promote overall well-being, restore balance, and facilitate self-healing.

Holistic healing is an integrative approach to wellness that considers the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit, aiming to restore balance and promote overall health and well-being.

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