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Emotion of FEAR

We live with many emotions and experience many emotions. Some of the emotions are very well defined, and we name them. And some of the emotions are not even defined by us and they cause confusion. One of the emotions, which is very familiar to most of us is the emotion of fear.

Fear of the something that is UNKNOWN to us

Fear of something unknown and fear of known things. And fear of the unknown is supported by the environment around them because, in general, people live in a state of fear. Most of the time, they do not know what the fear is about. And this fear is being spread around by the media, by the news and by people.

If there is some bad happening or mishappening, or something, which is causing an alert, people just pass on that information to one another at a fast speed, everyone knows about something of alert or alarm in no time. So, in general, if we look at people’s faces, they are in fear. This is some kind of unknown fear, because nothing bad has happened to them, or is going to happen to them in the very next moment, but fear is in the air.

So this fear, just put us in a fight or flight mode. Most of the time, we are alert, and we do not trust our environment, we are alert about every other person in our vicinity.

And we are alert about the weather, about the traffic about life in general, we’re not at peace with life. So this fight or flight attitude keeps us on our toes, and affects our balance of body, our heart beats to the fact that something is alarming or danger in the environment which gives rise to high blood pressure and, you know, irregular heartbeat or irregular breathing. That’s why these breathing exercises put you at peace and make you feel calmer. So, this is an unknown fear.

Fear of the something that is KNOWN to us

And then there are some known fears. Known fears are, you know, supposing you have to present a report the next day in the office and then you are not ready with it or you’re very scared of the environment in which you’re going to present the presentation. And also you can have known fears about your health or something going not all right. And you can also have some known fears about your children failing their exams. Or you know, they are going in the wrong direction.

So, things which you know, and you are afraid that they can go worse.
f one has to pick between the unknown and known fears, I will first address known fears. So, those known fears can always be split down into different parts to whatever little part you can face comfortably pick their part and move a little bit on that part. You don’t have to address the whole fear in one go because that is why people generally do not address fear because it is hard to face I just say okay, what part of the fear can you face easily?

If you can address some part of it, then just go over that. You know like your child is having bad company and then this is you are apprehensive that he may not listen to you. And then you start with a smaller friendly communication and do not even bring the bad company issue. And first, try to be in communication with your child and gradually bring up the issue. So known fears are easier to handle than the unknown fears.

It is important to identify the source of fear

So, for known fears or unknown fears, the spot from where they’re coming. Because finding the source of the fear is the easiest answer to this emotion of fear and can bring back to you your peace of mind. When you spot the source, you can always be scared of what’s going to happen next. And always worse apprehensions are more pronounced than positive, positivity coming in the next moment. And negative or something bad is going to happen is more pronounced in our life, then something good is going to turn out.

Fear is easier said than handled, but it is the most common source of all the problems physical or mental you face. So it is good to take its bull by the horn and address it sooner than later. Do not sit with fear. It just produces chemicals in the body which are poisonous or toxic. Learn to address fear and the earliest.


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