Communication’s end product is understanding

A person is as alive as he can communicate and as dead as he cannot communicate. So, communication is not like talking and non stop oozing words from your mouth.


Communication is when you are present and you have a desire to talk to someone and you are being careful that other person is listening to you or paying attention and if he’s not paying attention to you, then you do everything possible to take his attention, because you are interested in talking to the other person. And when you get the attention, then you make sure that you are at a comfortable distance from that person, not too far away, not too close a distance which the other person can comfortably experience communication from.

Whenever you communicate with someone, you must ensure that they understand you

Once you get hold up on these things put together then you start a communication particle or one sentence which is understandable, and pass it on to the other person. And then make sure the other person understands it. Because it is your responsibility to make sure that other person understands it and it is not the other person’s burden of responsibility to understand you. You have to make sure then once that person understands and then make sure that certain action or response which you get from that person is understandable to you.


The main equation here is that communication’s end product is understanding.

People understand each other, they get each other, they know what they are talking about. Or that they have to be present in the moment in each other’s vicinity interested in talking to each other. And then exchange ideas through words or silently. That is what communication is.

Communication increases desire to live

Communication increases desire to live. Good communication enhances your lifeforce, it increases your interest in living. Bad communication puts you down; you just do not like anything around you.

Gift of communication costs nothing. It just desires full attention to all the different parts of a communications cycle. One communication cycle can make or break any person. So, communication has its own mechanics. If you master them, like any musical composition, or a musical instrument then it is under your belt and you make use of it and win the battle of life.


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