Once you strike that chord of being common or being normal, just like the other person. Then you bring some part of which may not be liked by the other person. But then you have to give it to that person slowly after establishing their commonality.

Now you start passing on piece by piece your idea and every time you pass on a piece of your idea to the other person, check if that idea that piece is received or not, if it is received, understood, then you give the other piece. These are the different pieces of a puzzle, which you have to put together with someone else, not with yourself.

Whenever You Express An Idea To Someone, It Is Important To Find Some Common Ground.

The idea is great. It is beautiful. But if it cannot be passed across and another person doesn’t get it, it has no value at all. Sometimes it misfires, and it comes back to you, very important to find some common element with the person to whom you’re going to talk or express the idea too, it can be a spouse and you want to bring your spouse on the same terms as you are before you push your idea on a spouse you find out what is it that is common between both of you, which is the ground on which your relationship stands.

And if you find that ground is stable, then you bring a new idea if it is between siblings or in any relationship, where you are standing at a point where the other sibling doesn’t understand it.

You have to visit the point from where he or she is talking. And understand that point and then say okay, it makes sense. Now, you talk according to the point where he is at. Speaking up that common element is extremely important when you are in the process of communicating with somebody. And once you find that common chord, common point, common interest, commonality. The rest of the thing becomes easy and you miss it and you miss the common element. Then rest everything is hard.


As A Result, You Will Gain A Better Understanding

Just see wherever the relationships are not going well, then find out something common between both of you to the point that you both have this thing common in both of you that you people do not get along at least that is common. You don’t get along with each other. So that can be a common ground to start and then build it up bit by bit, little by little, and then you will see more understanding happening.

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