What you resist, persists!

What you resist, persists!- Resistance is one more word, which we have to understand while we are on our journey of healing. Other word for that is people generally say go with the flow they tell each other just acceptance or surrender these are different expressions for the same thing.

The amount you resist anything- you resist living you resist your lifeforce

When we are living there are so many things which we do not like and when we do not like something we just tend to go away from it that can be anything you know which I will say you would like to resist or have less liking for or hate, mild expression of hatred or dislike or a strong expression of like oh my god, I can’t stand it, I hate it. So, all things are expressions of resisting something the amount you resist anything you resist living you resist your lifeforce.


We are here to experience this world, when we stop from experiencing this world, that resistance shuts us down.

When you start resisting something, you start looking for it because you want to resist before it gets on you

There are always some reasons why we resist something.

Say we resist red color. Wherever you want to buy something, we just say okay, we’ll remove red color from this you know, I do not want to buy anything which is red. So, this resistance towards red color can increase in its degree, people those who like red color, you may not like them or buildings which have red color, you may not like it and then several other ingredients in food, which are red in colors, you may not like them.

So, this one, the resistance to one particular color expands in various directions. And to that degree, you will live less because your attention is to resist red color. And you’re always watching for it. So, when you start resisting something, you start looking for it because you want to resist before it gets on you. So, you see more and more red color interesting example isn’t it? What you resist, It persists.

More you resist, more it persists

So, any pain, emotional or physical more you resist or more it persists, more you accept understand, it is part of you now it starts disappearing.

Resistance is just the opposite of existence. So, when one starts accepting more and more, then more and more existence comes to you with its open arm and takes you in its vibration of living our survival. So it is very interesting topic. We will talk more and more on what resistance can do to you. And how can we just learn to dissolve the resistance, not avoid resistance.

Less resistance, brings more presence of you

There shouldn’t be a simpler way of getting rid of different resistances of yours. This is one big aspect of healing less resistance and brings more presence of you and brings you more lifeforce, makes you more alive. So, we shall continue in finding out more ways of how not to resist living. Thankyou

Just observe for some time, what kind of behavior patterns you have gotten into. Moment you observe them, they become you and in your control. And you can turn on and turn off. Have the switch in your control and not switch that you control. Enjoy the present time. Enjoy the pleasure it brings to you live life fully enough. Thank you


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