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Marriage is one of the most beautiful and important relationships, even though it is not a blood relationship. The feeling of being with someone you like the most and spending your life with that person is not something you’re born with; it’s something you choose; you choose the person you like the most. There is no authority on marriage that I can refer to. My 30 years of marriage have taught me certain things, which I will share openly with you for you to decide if it applies to your situation, especially in this marriage relationship; I have been doing marriage counseling for more than 30 years now, and I have met couples, people, and individuals who desperately wanted to save their marriage. I know these are significant choices in your life.

Having a house that you have made your home and hoping to keep it exists because it brings all the warmth at the end of the day; also, if there is a spouse or partner waiting for you at home, that relationship is very important when they ask, how was your day? How is it going for you? It is painful and agonizing when a relationship cannot be maintained. It is urgent that people take action.

Both partners in this relationship have always been treated with respect, and I have never pointed the finger at one of them, accusing them of breaking up the relationship. Due to the fact that it takes two to maintain a relationship, one person cannot be held responsible for the success or failure of the relationship.

It does not matter whether you are in a partnership or a friendship. If you do not define the relationship, that relationship will go nowhere because it lacks a definition. It is obvious that this relationship will fall apart very soon because there was nothing discussed in that relationship. No one discussed what the duties and responsibilities were and how to carry on that relationship. Is it likely that you will just go with the flow and see what happens?

In my opinion, all young couples, those who are planning to get married or those who are planning to stay together without getting married, should prepare themselves for this relationship. Meet with each other several times, make a roadmap, ask about each other’s expectations, and take that as a sign that both parties are satisfied. Another person is your client or customer, and you need to find out what you can do for him. Would you like to know what you are expected to do? In his opinion, how should this relationship look? Then reverse the roles and become the client and then tell what all your expectations are and see how they can be met by the person with whom you are about to place your life together.

Getting ready for marriage doesn’t mean collecting things for the house and saving money or planning to have a child; these things are secondary. I just want to make an elaborate plan about what I want from the marriage. What do you want? How we can fulfill each other’s needs and wants. If you’re prepared to fulfill those and you think realistically, then marriage is for you with that particular person. Marriage Counseling

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Marriage is neither your past nor your future; you do not get married hoping that things will change for you. Marriage is your presence, your present moment, and people living in together in the present time. And everything matters in that present moment.

During a conversation between a couple, I notice the wife says, okay, okay, I get it, I understand, before the husband finishes the sentence. Her husband says she doesn’t listen to him, and her wife replies that she already knows what he’ll say. So that’s how I see your present. Waiting by would have allowed her to wait longer, allowing the husband to finish his sentence and giving him the impression that she heard him. Other than enforcing on him that I heard him.

Moment by moment, you have to live with this relationship because it’s so fragile, and it breaks so easily. Did you raise your eyebrow while I was talking to you? The wife asks her husband, I wasn’t raising my eyebrows; I was itchy, so I scratched myself; no, no, no, you always do that. You can not hide your disapproval of me. off it goes; you cannot continue the conversation anymore because this “eyebrow” is the thing.

In marriage, if you bring your past and boast about your lineage, I’m so, and so and such is my upbringing, and that is how it is at my home; that’s how we used to do. I am from a very renowned and educated family. We have such mannerisms; this is how we eat, this is how we live. All that is your past, and you bring that to the present. It doesn’t work that way.

You have to estimate the situation every moment and then act accordingly. I’m saying it if you take it casually, that is called I am being taken for granted. What is taken for granted means that you think you can be who you are because now you are in a relationship. and that relationship is protected with a piece of paper which is called a “ marriage certificate.” No. Because this paper has no value. This paper, instead of becoming a golden paper, is a paper that you should frame and put on your wall and look at it every day. Now, the same paper becomes a liability, that marriage certificate or marriage license, which binds two people together, and now you’re stuck with each other.

So, what I want to say here is that marriage is not past, and marriage is neither future; thinking that now because I got married and this relationship will help me push forward in the future, and it will bring many benefits and that angle to this relationship, that it can be fulfilling for your future growth or success puts pressure on it. And this relationship cannot hold any pressure because this relationship is based solely on understanding each other and taking care of each other. And that tendering is a very delicate relationship. It has to be kept like that, tendered, cared for, loved reassured every moment that we are there for each other such is the definition of marriage.

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We all have different perceptions about marriage and basis on the same we build our relationship with our partner. Initially, we give our best to focus on the need of our partner and step by step formation of the relationship, however, we tend to ignore the foundation that is Balance. We either convince ourselves to give or we shift our priority and step into receiving mode and we deliberately choose not to pay attention to the imperative need of the relationship that is Communication. As a result, our emotions swiftly enter the realm of chaos and we find it hard to understand and express our inner self in words. The core is to synchronize our emotions in a channelized manner and enjoy the bliss in the relationship. Marriage Counseling is a simple way to reach the end of unknown emotions and follow a custom-made process depending on the difficulty caused by certain actions.

Dr. Alka Chopra Madan has helped hundreds of couples to realize the presence of flowing energy in the closest relationship that contains mutual respect, admiration, trust, and understanding. She is one of the unique professionals who helps to form the spiritual side of the relationship where lies only beauty and no ugliness. She believes that it can always be restored in all honesty and maintained in its native state.

Marriage Counseling with Dr. Alka Chopra Madan results in regenerating the essential and required spark in the relationship that brightens the souls on an individual level, thereby, smoothing the flow of love, respect, and trust in the relationship and it illuminates by removing the darkness forever.


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