Breaking Free from Self-Judgment: A Path to Avoiding Depression

Free from Self-Judgment to Avoid Depression

Avoiding depression involves breaking free from self-imposed judgments and the emotional confines they create. 1. Recognize the Role of Judgments: Understand that judgments, whether from yourself or others, contribute to the mental and emotional prison. These judgments shape your self-perception and influence your actions, particularly in the context of depression. 2. List and Scrutinize Judgments: […]

The Importance of Self-Love to Overcome Depression

The Importance of Self-Love to Overcome Depression

Love, as a force that is both unconditional and inherent within us, becomes a powerful tool in navigating the complexities of life.  Avoiding depression involves recognizing the importance of self-love and understanding its distinction from selfishness.  1. Self-Love is Not Selfishness: Loving yourself more than anything else is not selfish; it’s an essential aspect of […]

Steps to incorporate into your morning routine to avoid depression

Steps to avoid depression

Starting your day on a positive note is a key strategy to avoid depression. Here’s a breakdown of steps to incorporate into your morning routine to avoid depression: 1. Live Today: The foremost consideration when you wake up is to embrace the idea of living fully in the present moment. Identify activities that enhance your […]

Importance of Observing Silence in Avoiding Depression

Importance of Observing Silence in avoiding Depression

The journey to find happiness often involves chasing an extensive list of external items, relationships, or emotions. This pursuit, though well-intentioned, can lead to feeling lost and disconnected from oneself. The pursuit of spiritual fulfillment becomes a vital strategy for steering clear of the shadows of depression and embracing a life of abundance, love, and […]

The Metaphysical Approach on How to Avoid Depression

How to Avoid Depression

In a world where mental health is a critical aspect of our well-being, many seek diverse approaches to find solace and healing. While traditional psychological counseling has proven effective for many, an alternative path worth exploring is metaphysical counseling. Dr. Alka, with her expertise in metaphysical healing, offers a unique perspective that goes beyond conventional […]

Seasonal Flu 

Seasonal Flu 

Now and then the season changes and you hear people around you coughing or complaining of fever. Not everybody catches that, but a few people catch it.  Whenever you go through the experience of the flu or fever, there are a couple of things to consider as you embark on your journey to recover. Most […]

Focus: Shaping Your Reality!!

Focus: Shaping Your Reality!!

What you focus on, you get. Sometimes, just changing the focus can change the blessings in life. Focus is not easy to change because sometimes you find that you are fixated on things which are beyond your control. You think about all the mishaps or all the things which you did not like that happened […]



Love and affection for children”- This is a topic which may make you think, ‘Who doesn’t know love and affection for children?’  If they are your own children, love is spontaneous. And it cannot be taught. There is no need to learn about love when you are parenting your own children.I have seen an abundance […]

Embracing Grief: Discovering Eternal Love and Joy

how to handle grief

In 2020, I lost my husband, and our 30-year marriage came to an abrupt end. He was my everything—a friend, a soulmate, someone who understood me better than I understood myself. When you share your life with someone like him, you believe that life will never take such a turn. This isn’t just my story; […]

What is the metaphysical aspect of grief?

metaphysical aspect of grief

What is the metaphysical aspect of grief? In the physical world, grief signifies separation, a detachment from something. In the metaphysical world, it is very hard to separate from one another. So, you remain connected to each other forever. The more you identify with your physical body, the less you sense the influence of the […]