Do You Attach Yourself To Your Relationships, Or They Attach Themselves To You?


I live in San Francisco, California. Last night, I dreamed I was sitting on a train, and the train was going very fast. I noticed the train was about to enter a thick fog or cloud. I got terrified and asked someone sitting next to me, “Where is this train going?” The person told me it was going to Australia. “Australia? Oh no, I don’t want to go to Australia,” I thought, and I stepped down. Now I’m standing there amidst all the strangers. I don’t recognize their faces, language, or accent; everything is different.

I asked another person, “I wanted to return to San Francisco. What time does the train leave for San Francisco?” This person looked at me and said, “San Francisco? What are you talking about?” He didn’t know about San Francisco. I felt lost and scared, not knowing what to do because nobody seemed familiar, and the place was utterly alien to me. I felt a loss of connection, and then I woke up. When you wake up from a scary dream, you feel relieved it was just a dream. This made me think that life is like a dream sequence, with unexpected things happening and different people meeting, and we keep asking ourselves, “What’s happening? What is this?”

Nobody has an answer for that. You look like you are living in an alien place, and you must decide how to return to San Francisco. You have a house, a home, and a family in San Francisco. You are attached to them; you feel they will miss you and cannot live without you. Life will not go on without you, giving you a feeling of belongingness. That’s how you want to spend your life.

The question here is, do you attach yourself to your relationships, or do they attach themselves to you? Or is it both ways? The answer I got from myself is that I have attached myself to all my relatives, family, house, and job. They’re all mine. But if I’m gone, all belong to somebody else, and nobody will think about me, or they might think of me for a few days, months, or a year. After that, life has to go on, and that’s their logic for wiping me out of the scene because life has to go on, and they can’t just stay there.

Just think about me and always talk about me, because that is too woke. I sincerely believe that we are all living the dream sequence, and then someday we wake up and see, “Oh, nothing there.” What I thought was not there. It is a strange place amidst clouds and fog, and you’re not even noticed. You feel that you were something; you were worth seeing. You were the one around whom the world was revolving, and now you’re standing in a unique place with no way to return to San Francisco. You might be sad for some time because you miss San Francisco. But after some time, you will start thinking about what to do when you wake up or plan new things because that’s how we are.

So, all this dream sequence and reality are a network of emotions, relations, and attachments. They’re all made up, and they can vanish at any time. If you live in those things with the same idea that they are there, they may not be there, and who cares? Enjoy them while they are there and forget about them if they’re not there. This realization sets you free from the burden of living. Living is so serious; living has to be so organized; living has to be so much about numbers, days, dates, profits, and losses. This is all just nothing; it vanishes as soon as you get on the train to Australia. Thank you.

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