How do we stay alive in such an unstable, hostile environment? And how to begin a new journey towards Natural living.

Journey towards natural living

How do we survive in such an unpredictably hostile environment?

We’ve become so habituated to life’s difficulties, such as illness, relationship breakdowns, and financial crises, that they’ve begun to feel like natural calamities, such as earthquakes or fires.

I realized that we are the ones who are causing all these things to happen to us. I want to share a lovely story I came upon a few days ago. The plot revolves around a student and his guru, who has gifted the student with invaluable knowledge. When the student is preparing to leave the Guru for his world travels, he is so impressed by the knowledge he has learned that he wishes to make a meaningful offering to his Guru. The Guru, seeing genuine compassion, love, and tears in his student’s eyes, wishes him well and asks for nothing in return. The student on the way home, on the other hand, is undecided about what to offer Guru and eventually decides on five gold coins. Because he lacks the financial means to donate the coin, he seeks advice from a friend, who informs him of the king’s statement that whoever arrives first at his palace in the morning will receive everything he desires.

The student gets up early and goes to the palace to meet the king, who is walking around his garden and asks him about his announcement. The king tells him that no one has arrived except him since the proclamation, and he agrees to give him whatever he desires.

When he hears the words, his desire overcomes him, and he pays no attention to the reason he was there in the first place. He begins to consider the opportunity he has landed into to receive whatever he desires, and he asks the king for some time to consider his options. The king gives him some time, and he decides that he wants the king to hand over his kingdom and walk out of the palace only in what he was wearing. He believes that if the king heard the demand, he would collapse, but after hearing his words, the king is relieved of all his problems and anxieties and thanks him for allowing him the opportunity to embrace life truly. He is so excited at the prospect of being free of the trouble that he even begs the kid to keep the clothes he was wearing.

The king says, “You should not be sorry for not keeping these two outfits either.” And don’t blame me if you’re angry. Make me accessible; let me go. Allow me to be free of everything.

The student is frightened when he sees how glad the king is to surrender everything. He requests time from the king to reconsider his decision, citing his inability to manage the country owing to his immaturity. The king agrees and goes for a walk to allow the student some time, but when he returns, the student is nowhere to be found. The student flees, believing the king has all he desires, yet he is desperate to break free of it. He wants to be free and discover new things. He doesn’t want to steal anything from the king, which causes him to act that way.

The story made me laugh because I witnessed the character swing from natural to unnatural, then back to being born, where there is freedom—freedom to breathe, exist, and live—which is the essence of this physical universe.

We are here to live for some time or several years, then perish and return to the cycle of creation, or not return to the process. On the other hand, do other leaves cry when a leaf falls from the tree? The other leaves do not mourn the fallen leaves.

We all go through a thought process in life that has two sides, as I previously highlighted in my talk on nothingness. We go through phases of desiring something and then desiring nothing. However, neither of these procedures will assist you in keeping up with the pace. You must discover yourself to keep up with the flow and understand your nature. You will only be able to recognize your individuality if you do so.

The Beginning of Your Journey

Finding out who you are is the first principle of living naturally, and prosperity will follow. When you first open your eyes as a newborn infant, the first person you see is your mother. Then you look at yourself through your mother’s eyes, exhausted by the task of recognizing yourself and trying to figure out who you are. Then you’re given a name, and people tell you about your appearance and activities. Since childhood, all you’ve known about yourself has been about someone else: your mother, father, friends, sisters, or brother.

Everyone attempts to teach you something throughout your life; everyone wants to correct you in some way, shape, or form, taking away your originality, which is contrary to natural living. You must discover your natural propensity, but if you encounter concern or unhappiness along the way, you must consider why. Your uniqueness is being genuine, where care about accomplishments is absent.

Finding out who you are is the first step. Because you may have varied preferences in life, I can tell you that this is the longest journey towards natural living. You might believe this is who I am one day and then consider the opposite the next. You will only discover yourself layer by layer, but the time and effort you put into it will be well worth it since it will provide you with enormous peace and a sense of belonging.

Nature teaches us that we are sufficient in and of ourselves, even if we are only a blade of grass contributing to the rest of the grass. We no longer have that sense; instead, we inquire whether or not we are capable; we seek acceptance from others to discover who we are. You receive many responses from outside sources, but the more answers you receive from external sources, the more you begin to see things through their eyes, causing you to become unnatural.

Finding yourself is enough to alleviate your anxiety and problems, even if you don’t pursue it immediately.

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