Your Path to Transformation: Embracing the Real You


I’m writing a new book, and the title is “Your Path to Transformation.” I’ve noticed that transformation is an attractive concept; people want to know how they can transform themselves. My take on that is: you have already transformed so much that you have changed your form.

So, we want to bring you back to your original form; that is what real transformation is. The way you were, the way you are, the way you exist—that is the real you. Over time, you have changed so much and moved away from your own form; it’s hard to recognize.

Being in your own form and knowing yourself for yourself—before anybody else knows you, before anybody else tells you who you are, what you behave like, or what you look like—being confident about yourself without any appendages, attachments, or perceptions, just being you, is the real form you are in. So, transformation, in my dictionary, means getting back to your own form, not changing into some other form. 

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