Unwrapping the Gift of Life: Embracing the ‘Do It Now’ Mantra!!

gift of life

Living in itself is a gift, and this gift is wrapped in so many layers that it is irresistible to wait for all the wraps to go away and find out the true meaning of what life is. This is the holiday season, and people are exchanging gifts with each other. Gifts are the kind of surprise you just wait to find the right thing for the right person, and then you gift it timely so that one gets it before the season starts. Life itself is in the same form and shape which is available to you all the time, and it is not seasonal. It is the best gift that you have to enjoy life fully. I have one mantra, and it is my own mantra: “Do it now.”

Somehow, I find it hard to wait for celebrations or anything else. Any idea that comes to me, I execute according to a time schedule. If I buy something new for myself, I have to try it on the same day, not waiting for a few days or a particular day. I will even put it on. If I want to eat something and my body tells me that it is craving for something, I just do it right then and don’t postpone it. Similarly, if I want to talk to someone, if I would like to meet someone, or if I want to visit a particular place that attracts me, whether it is socially acceptable or not, I will do it now. I feel the gift of life has to be unwrapped right here, right now. The more you keep it to be enjoyed later on, the more it becomes stale, and maybe the leisure time never comes.

So, I just want to share my successful action with you and encourage you to enjoy life right now. Unwrap the smiles, appreciation, and compliments that you have reserved for others, or that you think to yourself about someone, and pass it on right now. Right now is the moment to celebrate life and the gift of life. Thank you.

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