Unlocking the Power Within: Healing Trauma, Cultivating Forgiveness, and Embracing Life Force Energy

Emotional suppression of trauma has been seen as a major concern and lead cause of many physical and mental ailments. We must learn to genteelly guide our clients through the release of these emotions. Dealing with them after a long time can cause breakdowns but we must let the tears fall in order to move forward. We must help them find the strength of forgiveness because without that they will be unable to find peace. Guilt can destroy a person from within and the client must learn to accept that he cannot change the past and that he can change his present actions for a better future. 

Only the NOW is real, the thoughts we are having are happening now the trauma was long over. We are giving power to our emotional hurt by building a subconscious memory of it. It lives there, taking our lifeforce to thrive. By teaching our clients this knowledge we can enable them to take back their power and truly move on in life. Sleep disorders, headaches, mental health problems, shortness of breath, and other problems like unable to form relationships, anxiety, irrational fear, and self-harm can be cured with reviving the lifeforce. It has been called the natural healing power of the human body

Even people who might not have suffered severe trauma in life might feel a loss of energy from time to time. The daily lifestyle; eating junk food, the stress of work, financial problems, pollution can cause the lifeforce to deplete in our bodies. Sometimes normal things like a breakup, loss of a job or fight with friends can be a major source of lifeforce depletion. Because we have become used to not dealing with our feelings they linger and multiply until we have completed been drained of our vitality. From the research listed in this paper, we can see evidence that emotional suppression can cause as serious a problem as cancer. Children who have suffered deep emotional or physical trauma often have cancer as adults. They are often discouraged to talk about their feelings and become introverts as children. 

Caging their emotions will build up a negative bank of energy subconsciously throughout their lives. Often these children suffer from other problems such as addiction, abusive relationships as adults, depression and low self-esteem or become abusers themselves. These problems, in turn, drain them of whatever remaining life force they have. Unless they tackle the core problem life will not improve. 

Some people find it extremely difficult to talk about their trauma, the self-defense they have built up against it works against recalling the trauma consciously but it still remains in the subconscious mind. Night terrors, sleepwalking, and insomnia can be signs of suppressed trauma building up in your mind. Our mind is equipped with tools to deal with emotional trauma, just like the immune system fights physical ailments. Sometimes these tools fail because we have made up our minds to not move on. I have often felt that people cling to their past as excuses for their irrational behavior. It is always easier to blame others for our situation. We blame God, our parents, or the unfairness of life without ever taking on the responsibility of our own actions. A drunk may have plenty of reasons to drink but the truth is that he chose to put that alcohol in his body. Life is all about choices and we always have a choice. It is our ability  to make the right choice that matters and it is this ability we must work on. 

The energy that vibrates from us attracts similar energy from the universe. If we constantly feel we are undeserving, unwanted or guilty, those are the kinds of energy the universe sends our way. Pain can also become an addiction without us realizing it. When a loved one passes away, or a really long relationship ends, we constantly keep playing memories of that person in our heads. These memories are always followed by feelings of loss and guilt. Somehow, a happy memory has now turned into a toxic thought. 

Remind yourself that it is okay to move on and understand that you deserve love and care. To move on is not to forget but making peace with the past. Knowing that no matter how much you wish it, it will not change. Yes it will be difficult and it will hurt so much, but that is the only way to free you from grief. You feel it and then you move forward. Always remember when one door closes another opens up, if not try the window. 

There are always alternatives to our situations; we must learn to take over the control and stop feeling sorry for ourselves. As a child, my mother would tell the story of a drowning man. As he was drowning he prayed and prayed to god, but God did not appear. Soon a boat was passing by, but the drowning man refused to be helped. He was waiting for god. Surely God would rescue his true devotee. Soon he drowns. When he reaches the gates of heaven, he confronts God. ‘Why did you not help me?’ God looks towards him with pity, ‘I sent you the boat.’ 

The message is simple, ‘God cannot help those, who do not help themselves.’ In our self-pity and sadness, we sometimes refuse to seek the opportunities the universe sends for us. In the beautifully written book Sita, warrior of Mithali, author Amish Trivedi says, “Happiness is not an accident. It is a choice. It is in our hands to be happy” (352). So how do we make this choice?

By changing our conscious thoughts. By evolving on a spiritual level. The understanding of life force energy and that life goes beyond our human bodies. We are not bodies, but we are souls that use earthly bodies as vessels. When the time comes, we have to shed this body and move on to a higher dimension. These dimensions are also affected by our choices as humans. Sad and unhappy people will end up in lower dimensions, whereas the positivity we radiate now will help our souls move to a better dimension. 

Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect, where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect)’ (Wikipedia). What we give is what we must be prepared to receive. We must understand how the universe works and align ourselves with its energy and principles. Often, our hurt can seem unfair, as if the universe is conspiring against you. Sometimes the tragedies that occur have no logical explanation. Why was a child raped, why did someone commit suicide, why someone lost their limbs in an accident, why did someone’s parents abandon them?? There are so many bad things happening in the world today and that is because as a whole the human population has lost the knowledge of karma and the basic principles of the universe. Often times the people who hurt us have been hurt by someone else in the past. The negative energy keeps on flowing in a vicious circle until someone starts the healing. 

Forgiving has the most healing power and can lift both the victim and the tormentor. But forgiveness is not easy; to understand another’s pain when you yourself are hurting takes immense wisdom and compassion. It is easy to be sympathetic but empathy is learned. We must teach ourselves that this life will end; the sufferings of our souls will carry on. It is, therefore, our choice to make, do we want our souls to suffer outside of our human forms? Or do we wish to attain peace and move to a higher energy dimension? 

Anger can be devastating. A caged beast is always more furious. The more we hold on to it, the worse it gets. We make more irrational decisions out of anger. Revenge, jealousy, and unhappiness are all emotions that stem from anger. This only draws at our lifeforce and does not benefit us. We become captives of our thoughts. And then we find escape in addictive behaviors that only lead to more suffering. 

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