Unveiling the Root Causes of Anxiety: A Journey into Physical Impact

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In today’s fast-paced world, anxiety has become a common companion in our lives. It’s an emotion that most of us experience to some extent, and it can manifest in various ways: racing heartbeats, sweating, loss of appetite, or sleepless nights. Anxiety becomes a part of who we are, lurking beneath the surface. But have you ever wondered why anxiety creeps in, seemingly uninvited? In this blog, we will delve into an unconventional perspective on anxiety, exploring its origins in physical impact and how understanding these roots can pave the way for emotional healing.

The Beginnings of Anxiety

According to Dr. Alka, renowned for her research on anxiety, our anxiety has its roots in a rather surprising place: the physical impact. From the moment we are born, our instinctual fear revolves around losing our physical bodies. Think about a newborn baby—it clings to its caregiver, seeking that sense of security. Inhabiting a physical body provides us with a unique opportunity to experience life’s various sensations and pleasures. However, this joy can swiftly turn into anxiety when we experience a jolt or a physical shock.

The Initial Shock

These physical shocks can come in various forms, from a sudden fall to a slap on the face. It’s important to emphasize that these are physical impacts, not emotional ones. The disorientation caused by such shocks sets the stage for the initial notes of anxiety. When we’re thrown off balance by these physical impacts, we become disoriented, unsure of our surroundings, and anxious. This disorientation is the foundation of anxiety.

Cellular Memory

What’s intriguing is that these physical impacts leave a lasting mark on a cellular level. Our bodies store these physical shocks and their associated emotions—moments of disbelief, uncertainty, and emotional shock. Dr. Alka illustrates this concept with real-life examples.

Consider the individual with a deep cut on their eyebrow from a childhood fall. The trauma from that incident remains stored on a cellular level, even if they’re not consciously aware of it. When they encounter anything reminiscent of that traumatic event—a hospital setting, the scent of a doctor, or a similar scene in a movie—the effect is triggered, often resulting in anxiety.

Similarly, a person suffering from chronic asthma found relief through this approach. Dr. Alka’s sessions revealed that the root of their asthma attacks lay in an incident from their childhood when a balloon burst in their mouth. This physical impact had been stored within them, causing reactions to anything resembling the traumatic event.

Unearthing Early Incidents

Dr. Alka’s research emphasizes that these physical incidents often occur early in life, leaving an indelible mark on our psyche. She highlights the importance of identifying and addressing these early incidents to alleviate anxiety. When you trace back to the initial experience of anxiety, you can begin the healing process.

Dr. Alka illustrates how these incidents, stored on a cellular level, can impact our lives and lead to anxiety.

Release and Relief

She explains the process of releasing these stored incidents, emphasizing the importance of not attempting it alone. Total recall of the incident is essential for total release, and the only way out is through it. By reliving the incident and placing it in the proper format, individuals can experience relief from anxiety and regain their confidence.


Understanding the root causes of anxiety is a crucial step in managing and ultimately overcoming it. Dr. Alka’s groundbreaking research sheds light on the connection between physical impact and anxiety, offering a new perspective on emotional healing. By acknowledging and addressing the physical shocks stored within us, we can find relief from anxiety and lead happier, more fulfilling lives. In the next blog, we will explore some practical techniques to begin this journey towards healing and anxiety relief. Stay tuned for more insights into the fascinating world of anxiety and its origins.

Understanding the Source of Anxiety

Anxiety often lurks in the shadows, affecting our daily lives without us even realizing it. Dr. Alka’s research reveals that anxiety can be deeply rooted in physical impacts experienced during childhood or other significant moments in life. These physical shocks create disorientation within us, sowing the seeds of confusion and anxiety.

Our Approach:

Dr. Alka has developed an innovative approach to addressing anxiety by focusing on the physical impacts that trigger emotional responses. Our counseling services aim to:

  1. Identify Physical Impacts: Our experienced counselors help you trace back to the moments of physical impact that may have triggered your anxiety. These could be incidents like falls, accidents, or injuries that left a lasting imprint on your subconscious mind.
  2. Recall and Release: We use a proven technique to help you recall these incidents and, most importantly, release the stored anxiety associated with them. By revisiting and processing these memories, you can finally let go of the emotional burden that has held you captive for so long.
  3. Total Recall for Total Release: Just as the saying goes, “Total Recall is equal to Total Release,” our counseling services guide you through the journey of uncovering hidden memories and setting them free. This comprehensive approach ensures that you regain your confidence, vitality, and emotional balance.
  4. Mind-Body Connection: We emphasize the connection between physical impacts and emotional responses. By addressing the physical aspects of anxiety, we pave the way for emotional healing and growth.
  5. Quick Relief Strategies: In addition to our comprehensive approach, we provide quick relief strategies that you can use in your daily life to manage anxiety effectively. These strategies include recognizing the triggers and experiencing the anxiety to dissipate its power.

Anxiety doesn’t have to rule your life. Dr. Alka’s research has provided a breakthrough in understanding and treating anxiety. At Soul Body Healing Center, we’re here to guide you on a transformative journey to release anxiety’s grip and regain control of your life. Don’t let anxiety hold you back any longer; unlock your peace with our anxiety counseling services.

Contact us today to schedule your first appointment and embark on a path to a life free from anxiety.


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