Graduating from relationship!!


Time and space are also very important in relationships. When you are starting any relationship with anybody, and when you are in the middle of it or you are ending the relationship- at all the points, you will see that time and space come hand in hand. 

Space is a physical distance between two people, and that physical distance makes you feel comfortable or uncomfortable. So, everybody has a particular tolerance to space.

So, you can see that when you are in a relationship, how much physical space you are tolerating with that person, or that person is allowing you. So, if it is more or less than that you will not be comfortable. So when you’re talking to somebody check out how close you’re sitting with that person or how far away you are. 

And then when you are talking to the other person, then the time is also of essence. You must assess how much time you take to pass on one sentence to the other person, and how much time you give in listening to the other person.

 If you rush a conversation, you will see that time spoils the whole essence of the conversation. And timing is so crucial to that, if you say it once the sentence is finished. And the other person thinks that you are not listening. 

And if you say the acknowledgements ‘yes’ or ‘no’ prior to the finishing of the sentence, then also that person thinks you’re not listening. So, time and space are very, very important in maintaining the relationship, starting the relationship and even ending the relationship. 

When I say ending the relationship, I refer to certain relationships that are lingering on and they need to end at some point. I call a very apt word for that I say graduating from those relationships. 

Graduating means that you have come to a point where you got graded in that relationship. You tried to fare well, you tried to pass the test of that relationship but you failed or that relationship failed over and over. So why don’t you grant yourself a graduation?

Graduating means that you’re done with it. You are neither upset nor very happy, but you learned your lessons from that relationship and at a particular time or at an appropriate time, you should just end it. You must give space to that relationship in your mind and other person’s mind also. And then finish that space or extend that space. 

These are two crucial things which we know internally by ourselves that space can be suffocating, space can be enlightening, and time also can be appropriate time and inappropriate time. So pay attention to these two things. And then when you are in the process of nurturing a relationship, look at that relationship from these two lenses of space and time. And then see if something is missing, and then add that other spice to that relationship it will again be delicious. It will again be worth keeping. It will again be worth enjoying.


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