Feng Shui or Vastu or your intution

When one is looking for peace of mind, then one goes to all extremes to feel peace of mind as soon as possible. And there are so many things that one pays attention to so that there is peace at home, peace in the room, peace in the head. So in this search for peace, many ideas, originations, sciences, and research have come up. And one runs from one kind of theory and practice to another kind of theory and practice.

Instead of going through different theories, research, and sciences, just align with your environment

I was curious to know from you what you think about these different arrangements in the rooms, like Feng Shui, Vastu, and then there are other practices taken up by people who believe in balancing chakras and energies. And then they look at your environment, and then they say, in the room, this is not okay, that’s not okay. This should be facing east, that should be facing west. And this shape of the table is not okay. And all these are the reasons for you not being at peace. And you do try you change things. And as a result, sometimes there are miracles results that you’ve been, Oh, wow. But then the same things if you do at some other point in time, and sometimes they may not materialize because you do not know what worked and what did not.

A simple solution to make the environment peaceful exists in that environment for some time. And then I will say that just connect to all the items in the row, one after the other cautiously, and then put your attention on that. And any item or object which makes you feel yucky and say, Oh, he shouldn’t be there; just remove that. Because at that particular moment, you are not aligned with that object, the object’s shape, the object’s color, or the object’s smell. And it may change because you change almost all the time.


You are the ENERGY, and you have to see who you align with energetically

So the simplest solution is to have a direct observation of all the things which are around you and then connect to them consciously and put your attention on them. And look at the jug. Think about it does make you feel good. If it does make you feel good, then, of course, leave it there. And then look at that kind of a bowl sitting there, which is gray, little ash color, you don’t like it? That’s all my color today. Okay, remove it because that will open up your space. The color of the curtains? Do you think they are going well with you? They’re bright, and they’re shiny. And when you look at them, that makes you feel good.

Change is CONSTANT

Because every day you change and change your environment also. So that it gels with you because it is you who is the energy, not the subjects. You are the energy, and you have to see who you align with energetically, and that alignment can change every day, every minute, every hour, now and then it is okay to change because change is constant. It is happening all the time and changes. So instead of going through different theories, research, and sciences, just align in your environment and see what goes well with you but doesn’t go well. And then change it for now and then change it again. If you feel like changing it again, here is a very simple solution.


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