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Relationships are exceptionally precious, perhaps the most valuable things to possess. 

When you embark on your journey in this world, it all begins with belonging – to someone, to parents, to siblings. This phase stands out as the most remarkable time in life because it offers unconditional acceptance in those relationships.

Initially, there’s a sense of security, a belief that relationships won’t break, and this bond is indeed strong. However, as time passes and we grow older, we start experiencing different influences and form various impressions. We begin to perceive things based on our own intellect and personal preferences. It’s during this phase that a selfish assertion can emerge, where we believe that what we know or believe in is right, sometimes even more so than what others believe or see.

These differences tend to become more pronounced because we express our opinions, engage in arguments, and participate in debates. Consequently, relationships, especially those between siblings, may start to weaken, leading to tension in the bonds between mothers and sons, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and fathers and daughters. It’s a natural part of our journey as we grow and evolve as individuals.

So, all these relationships that were once sources of strength in our earlier years can sometimes become our vulnerabilities. We find ourselves in a situation where we can’t live with them, yet we can’t live without them. The same often occurs in friendships.

In friendships, people initially get to know one another. They spend time together, visit each other’s homes, and share their secrets. It feels like you’ve found someone with whom you can truly connect. However, suddenly, friendships can break, and friends may find themselves separated.

This is a significant issue when you don’t have pleasing or comforting relationships. In such relationships, one can feel trapped. You know, you want to get out of them, but you can’t. Most of the time, these relationships are with our near and dear ones, which can be even more hurtful. We expect understanding, and when it’s lacking, it can be frustrating.

I meet with people and try to understand my relationships, both familial and friendly. I’ve stopped wondering why relationships sometimes take unexpected turns. If both individuals are not in sync, the relationship doesn’t progress as it should.

When we’re in a relationship and wish to nurture it, I always suggest not trying to outdo or be better than the other person. Instead, it’s important to be in sync, acknowledge each other’s presence, and appreciate each other’s capabilities. This is how relationships develop, and they evolve over time. Time is crucial in a relationship, and if you try to push it harder and faster, it won’t yield the desired results.

Sometimes, when you sit down with a sibling or with your parents, you might already be preoccupied with many things. You’re on the phone, and you’re multitasking with various other responsibilities. Consequently, you don’t give your full attention, and you’re not entirely present in that relationship. You might think that just talking is enough for connectivity, but that’s not true. You need to be fully available for every relationship. When you’re not fully present, it diminishes the value of that communication, conversation, relationship, and contact.

I often say that as we go through life, we might start to think that other things become more important than relationships, like objects money, or even personal growth. But personally, I believe relationships are the most crucial. You need someone to play, dance, and sing with; that’s the music that should be in everyone’s life. Within the circle of relationships, a person can rely on, relate to, and relax with someone, somewhere.

Pay attention to your relationships and be fully available. Be fully available when you’re talking to each other. Take enough time to let the relationship develop. 


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