How do I make a migraine go away?


There are so many diseases that we suffer from and they are sometimes periodic and happen at a regular interval of time, say every month, weekly basis, or once in a blue moon. So, those diseases somehow have no reason like why it happened all of a sudden.

Migraine: A Disease Or Not?

One of such diseases, which I will talk about today, I hate to call that disease because this is one of the expressions of your body that which body is trying to tell you it’s called Migraine, its name is pretty interesting migraine, and people those who have this they just scream with the pain, because it is a very agonizing pain you do not know from where it starts where it ends, and it travels, it travels from half of the head to your eyebrow or your eyes, your nose and sometimes it travels in the whole head or it travels downwards towards the upper back, half of the upper back is stiff.

So, I have seen people trying to struggle with migraines and trying to fix them with many painkillers. They keep on increasing the strength of painkillers, anti-inflammatories, and medicines like that. So that they should have some comfort when it starts. And to my knowledge, I see that gradually the migraine also keeps on increasing and you have to increase the medicine for that the quantity, the volume of the medicine, and then also you land in different therapies or one after the other doing acupressure, acupuncture, and certain other you know, things which are like energy healing or chakra balancing just to get a relief, a temporary relief from this thing called migraine.

Try To Understand That Botheration Rather Than Fighting With It

My approach is, you know, whatever is bothering you try to understand that botheration rather than fighting with it. Any disease we have the first response we have is we fight with it, we don’t want to have it. And that is the first wrong thing we do, we have to understand. Whenever the body is giving us any signal, the body needs your attention now. The body had been telling you to pay attention to something you did not pay attention to. And now, it has come to a point where it demands a lot more attention in the form of pain. This pain is a result of things that are unpleasant in your life, they were unpleasant to begin with, but then you just learned to live with them and you did not try to handle them.

So, this pain is of all those emotions, which were unpleasant, those unpleasant emotions now have become a source of physical pain. If you will continue to handle the physical pain and will not handle the emotional pain, things will never come under control. We are here not to control but to understand why it happens. The why is not on the surface because the why was on the surface at some point in time at that time, you just ignored it for a million reasons.

How To Handle MIGRAINE?

To handle this problem, which is called migraine, and I don’t know how many people are suffering from it, I might say that the solution is simple and it may not be that palatable that you just have to write down the history of migraine or the pain when it started.

And write down various factors which are the influencer of this disease. People generally ask if it is hereditary and if anybody in your family has it. And when did it start? And what food triggers it? Is there some kind of reaction to some smell or taste?

So, you can start doing this research on yourself. And trying to find out what is it that triggers it, you know, some weather, some smells, or some tastes, a few people, their expressions, some stories, there can be so many things in your environment, which trigger you and then that trigger comes in the form of migraine. And if you start writing it down, and then you come to a point where it tells you that this is discomforting, that is discomforting, you do not like that person, you hate this, you hate that.

Face Your Emotions By YOURSELF

Now, you have come to a point where you are understanding your discomfort in living. And now the answer is to come to face that discomfort. And the process for that is simple. You just sit down with those emotions, and face them by yourself. And nobody else you don’t need anybody. But if you need someone I can help you to get out of that. But you can do it by yourself also to a greater extent. So that the intensity or strength of the migraine decreases. Because if you can get control of migraine, this will help you get control of many other elements also, which are in the beginning stage.

Every Suppression Needs An Expression

I use one statement that says every suppression needs an expression. So this problem which is now being expressed in the form of migraine is a suppression over some time can be a physical injury, emotional injury, or something you involuntarily copied or borrowed from somebody. It’s your problem. You have to sit with it. You have to diagnose it, you have to research it. And once you do it, spend enough time finding out various factors. I’m telling you, you will get relief.


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