SNIPPETS OF ‘AAO : Arrive At Origin’ Workshop – Day 7

SNIPPETS OF DAY 7: Travel Unlimited
Message by Dr Alka Chopra Madan

When you start noticing the effect of observing silence, as many people do within six to seven days of the practice, you will realise that a feeling of arrival at home is not a unique feeling or an unknown feeling. You will not feel that something new or strange has happened. Instead, you simply feel great that you’ve reached home, where you can be whoever you want to be.

It is a normal state of existence, a normal state of a being. This ‘being’ is a source of energy who can become whatever it wants to be. Otherwise, throughout our lives, we are all in trap of being whatever we have become. When you identify yourself as a particular being, you have to behave like you have to behave like that person you identify with. In this journey of observing silence, we just get free from one person or the other. In this journey, we get free from this ‘becomingness’. You question yourself ‘Who am I?’ and you receive the answer that ‘I am nothing but I can become anything or anyone’. It’s like you are at the end of the last scene of the program curious to look behind the curtain. But what you find behind the curtain is ‘nothingness’, which provides you a great relief. You realise that you can take up any new identity and relinquish your previous identity, making you feel free. Also, it might strike you that you are doing a ‘role play’ which if you want to, you perform and if you don’t want, you don’t. Once you achieve this state through observing silence, you start thinking what you want to become next or which role you wish to play.

I would also like to bring to your notice another important fact about spiritualism. The journey of spiritualism has an esoteric sense related to it which makes you feel that when you become spiritual, you will look differently and feel differently.  The whole world keeps telling you that spirituality is something to be serious about. This is a big misconception and the truth is something completely different than this.

In fact, by embracing spirituality, you just feel like an absolutely normal and a simple person and I think that’s a luxury to be.


Our Future Events

  • We plan to organise a one-day ‘Silence Retreat’ 7 hours which will allow everyone to experience the practice more intensely.
  • We also plan to run a ‘Soul Body Fitness Program’ in which people just not only focus on body fitness, but ponder over the decisions they’ve taken for their bodies.
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