Do we belong to the universe?

Innovation and technology have touched such heights that we could never have imagined. Money, power, and beauty are what we as humans perceive as success and success is what will make us happy. But is that true? Are we happy?

Even though today we have achieved the most as a species, we are one of the most depressed generations to ever live. Suicide, substance abuse, self-mutilation, homicide, terror attacks …. The list is a long one. I believe that this is the result of the mindset that we have only one life on planet earth and that there will be no consequences to our souls. But our souls live on. They move to higher dimensions and are a part of the universal energy.
We are all born from stardust and we are not just our physical selves. This body will decay and die but we will not. Like any energy, lifeforce too cannot be destroyed. What we do in this life determines what happens to our lifeforce energy later. We are the children of the universe and once we learn to care about our souls, once we know that happiness is not physical but spiritual, that is when we will learn to live.
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