Notice the Unnatural Behaviour Patterns You’ve Acquired Unconsciously and Uncritically

The words ‘Being natural’ or ‘Natural Living’ have been used so often that it has lost its freshness. What does it mean to live naturally? However, do we truly have an innate desire to live in the most natural way possible? Most likely, we do not. Even when we go on natural getaways. We bring the food we eat daily, ensuring that our eating habits do not have to change.

Our everyday lives and habits are cyclical

Our everyday lives and habits are cyclical; hence we all adhere to the same schedule irrespective of our likes and dislikes to match other people around us. This can compared to the story I previously shared. In which the King and his family are forced to drink from the well. Which makes them lunatics but puts them on par with other kingdom citizens.

To derive the pleasure of natural living, we must embark on a journey we cannot enjoy until we have completed it. And to embrace natural living, you should begin by analyzing your patterns, your behaviour patterns and determining what change made to your daily habits.

Walking In Harmony with Nature

For instance, it took me some time to adjust to my new diet and food regimen when I was losing weight. Seeing our muscular system in action allowed me to grasp how it works and how muscles surround us. This approach taught me how to walk in harmony with nature rather than walking mechanically for the sake of walking.

Similarly, it helped me develop natural eating habits. Also, it did not take long for my body to stop yearning for the foods that were formerly a part of my daily diet. By embracing natural living, I altered my eating habits to the point. Where I am astonished by food choices of others. When I see them eating in unhealthy food in restaurants.

To experience the pleasures of natural living, you must take some measures

To experience the pleasures of natural living, you must take some measures. Your body gradually accepts the changes you have made, making you feel healthier. The most discouraging aspect for anyone attempting to reduce weight is their body’s reluctance to shed weight swiftly.

Hence, people turn to extreme diets such as the keto diet or optavia diet to lose weight quickly but do so at the expense of their health in the long run. I had the same feelings.

However, I realized that when I first started gaining weight, I did not pay any attention to it and gained it with time and hence would decrease with time. I realized that it would take time as I wondered, ‘Where was my mind. When I was accumulating this weight?’ and why it did not occur to me when I went shopping and simply got the next size assuming that sizes change.

I was curious to see how long it would take to return my body to its natural state and lose the extra weight I have on me. I consistently and slowly kept pursuing the changes to achieve the natural state without regard for the swiftness of weight loss. i simply started walking about the house because it is not as tricky or mechanical as it was previously when I wore a watch and tracked my daily steps.

In my view, these tools, appliances and gadgets to lose weight are inventions of modern living that are not natural. As part of natural living and losing weight naturally, I exercised without going to the gym or according to a rigid exercise routine; instead, I listened to music that uplifts me and moved my body in rhythm with the beats.

Changing a Social Media Addiction into a Natural Living Addiction

Likewise, natural living lifestyle reminds us that we need to consciously and critically look at the impact of social media addiction. Which is so powerful that when we stop using it, we experience withdrawal symptoms similar to that of an alcoholic or a drug addict.

Once I embarked on the path towards natural living, it took me around three to four days to detox myself from phone and social media addiction. On the fifth day, I had a clear vision of me driving and reaching the lake. As I sat by the lake, I realized that natural living is also a form of addiction, as it enables me to generate new thoughts comfortably and naturally, and it is unquestionably cyclical in nature.

Changing Food Habits

‘While undergoing the transformation to embrace natural living, your dietary habits and preferences will also alter. I experimented with salt. Previously, whenever I had food, I kept a salt sprinkler next to it and sprinkled salt on it.

However, it was only through the awareness I achieved through natural living that I realized I needed to reduce my salt intake, as every food item contains an adequate amount of salt. Similarly, I was ignorant that potatoes contain sugar.

However, now that I have begun to comprehend these concepts, I cannot revert to my former condition of existence when I was not paying attention to these essential facts. I am addicted to the state of being natural, mindful and self-observant.

Although the transition is difficult at first, there is no turning back once you are out of it. I am aware that I still have a long way to go and must adjust to and embrace various qualities, behaviours, and preferences.

If you asked why? My answer will be, why not? We have been endowed with the gift of this lifetime, and we must experience it in its entirety. When we experience pleasure through other addictive substances, such as tea, coffee, alcohol, or cigarettes, we are not truly experiencing pleasure. Read More!

Sleep and Natural Living

People tend to overlook the importance of sleep. I have often noticed how my cat sets out her bed with both paws before dozing off as she drifts off to sleep. Similarly, I have changed how I wind down before bed. After a shower and putting on new clothing. I prepare myself for sleep by staring at myself in the mirror as if I were going somewhere in my dreams.

As an additional step, I have started checking off any unfinished tasks I am still thinking about before bedtime. This has helped me get a better night’s sleep, allowing me to feel a sense of accomplishment.

But, how do we know we are on a journey towards natural living? And how do we know that we have achieved that state of being?

Its pleasure will be subtle because you can observe how far you have progressed from your everyday life after a week or 15 days. It will not appear dazzling and lustrous; rather, it will be subtle and emerge naturally and instinctively. And when you look back at yourself, you will notice how much you have changed and evolved into your true self. Because you are naturally that way, it will not appear new to you.

When you do something unnatural, such as installing air conditioning in your home that makes you feel cool or hot the way you choose, you are experiencing newness. Similarly, trying new foods or doing new experiments adds to the novelty. But the journey toward natural living will not seem new to you because that’s how you naturally are.

How can you know that you have reached your natural state of being ?

Natural living might seem very tedious to you: you don’t have any cravings; you don’t feel like being in one place and another. You simply sit there and smile. I can’t express it in words.

When you reach the state of NATURAL LIVING

When you reach the state of natural living, you will realize how much effort it takes for you to be unnatural. The more natural you become; the more effort it takes to become unnatural. You will see how hard it is to become unnatural when you reach this point.

The way you laughed at someone when you did not want to laugh, for example, or welcomed someone. Who came to your home even though you did not feel like welcoming them. Will make you think about how unnatural you were.

In other words, you will embrace a stoic state of existence. When you realize your natural state of being. You observe yourself and make your own standards, not being influenced by external factors.

To Explore Your Natural State, Raise Your Standards at a Higher Bar

Additionally, to further explore your natural state, raise the awareness of your standards to set a higher bar. In other words, whenever you think you have found your state and feel comfortable about it, move to the next level. But, how will you do that?

When you are in the zone where you feel at ease. You must pay attention to your body and determine which portion of it strained. Your mind will be unable to recognize the tension, even if your body feels it. Because your mind has been programmed to function in this manner. The body may be harbouring stress and pressure. Still, the mind may be fooled into thinking that you in a state of relaxation, even while you smiling and expressing that you are having a wonderful time.

But, in reality, our body and mind are out of harmony. This is the time to heighten our consciousness of who we are, our awareness of the disconnection from the mind. This is when we must revaluate the benchmarks we have established for ourselves. Because we deceived into believing we are in a comfortable zone when, in fact, we are not. We need to increase the bar for what constitutes comfort and get more comfortable than ever before.

Here is a straightforward exercise that will allow you to understand that you can raise your comfort standards:

Allow your shoulders to relax.

Do you feel at ease?

Allow yourself to relax a little more.

Are you certain this is it?

Consider relaxing slightly more. You may have the impression that this is it. However, this will not be the case. Each time, you will feel more at ease.

We put our body through so much stress that we may believe it is normal. And when you begin to realize and return to your natural condition. You will be in a blissful state you have never known before. It is a state in which you are not in a hurry or rush; instead, you simply appreciate your journey.

Heading into Nothingness

When I reflect on the path, I am struck by how much I have untangled and unlearned about various modes of thinking, expressing, and articulating my thoughts. Throughout my lifetime, I have been preoccupied with various things. Now they are calling me to release them. It feels as though I’m headed into nothingness.

Now, I am ready to let go of the numerous thoughts that have persisted in my mind throughout life. I believe that not enough adjectives have been coined to help me adequately describe my natural state of being. I can say with certainty that this feeling of being natural is not unfamiliar to you as we have all felt that way at some point in our life. Read More!

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