Are you in love with an ‘Emotional Vampire’?

Being in an unhealthy relationship can be more damaging and hurtful than being alone.

When a person constantly abuses; physically or emotionally, it can not only lead to mental stress but other serious health issues too. Emotional vampires are called emotional vampires. Because they have a tendency to drain the emotional energy out of everyone they come in contact. They feed on the emotional energy of their partners and are experts in manipulation. They are controlling, demanding and often narcissists who enjoy hurting others.


Victims often suffer from anxiety, mood swings, and depression

They seem charming and can make you fall in love with them and the abuse is not always apparent. Victims often blame themselves, because the vampire makes them believe so. They over time manage to distance everyone from their partner’s life and make sure the partner has to depend on them. Victims often suffer from anxiety, mood swings, depression, binge eating or stress. When the abuse is not physical it can seem like a non-issue. The victim is always defensive of their vampire and is made to believe that they can never find anyone better than the abuser.


Love can be blinding but it should not be painful. If your partner is emotionally abusing you, do not confuse that with affection and care. If they belittle everything you do, are disrespectful towards your goals. Do does not want you to make friends or discourage your dreams know that you are in a relationship with a vampire. If you confront them, they will manipulate and often make you seem like the crazy one.

Be strong-willed, talk to family and friends, seek counseling. I know it is not easy to walk away from a relationship but dying in it is worse. If you are constantly feeling unhappy, know it is time for a change. If they refuse to change or listen, leave. Some may not want to leave because of their children but know that this is affecting your children as well.

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