Health and Beauty with Food

It is imperative to have a healthy relationship with food. We must learn to use food only as an energy source rather than try to fill emotional gaps with unhealthy eating. The first step is to learn to love your body and stop comparing to other people. Every human body is built differently- shape, genetics, bone structure, cultural background, are some of the factors that make us who we are. Some vegetables and fruits that grow in nature not only provide nourishment but can also replace a lot of chemical cosmetics we use. Here are a few ways to consume these ingredients in a holistic way.

Tomatoes are really under-rated

If you wish for youthful and healthy skin, add tomatoes to your diet

You can also rub tomato on your face before having a bath to remove dark spots and reduce lines.

Simply cut the tomato in half- rub it on your face well, wash off after 20-30 mins

Do every day for a week and see a visible difference

Turmeric is not just a quintessential spice in curries, but it has a plethora of health benefits too. It works wonders on your skin and can be used for various beauty regimes.

Natural hair remover-

Mix turmeric, salt, and milk to form a thick paste.

apply on upper lips, chin, and neck.

Let dry.

Scrub off the pack and enjoy smoother and healthier skin.

Four healthy shots to increase your immunity

  • Wash and clean – cucumber, tomato, boiled beets, carrot, basil leaves
  • Grind choice of your veggie with basil leaves, a teaspoon of honey, and lime juice.
  • Serve in shot glasses

This is a fun idea for brunch at home with friends!

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