Healing is impossible, if…

This negative presence or the presence, which had been part and parcel of your life, maybe 10-12, 30-40 years, and you had been living a life of a person who becomes better and becomes worse, who is doing good, and then he’s not doing good. And then you keep falling sick, you keep going up, you keep going down your life is like a ride, and whenever you are down, that same person helping you to come up, and when you’re up, then the same person is helping you to go down.

I will not say that that person is doing it intentionally, just to keep the grace of the relationship. But then, you know, if somebody has stones in their hands, and if they’re throwing at you, and then this stone will hit you, it will hurt you, you can’t say that, your loved one threw stone because he threw it, it is not going to hurt you, stone is going to hurt you. It has its own impact in it.

Learn and recognize a person’s ability to hurt you

You have to learn and recognize that person’s capability in your life of ability to hurt you, or you have given him that much of power so that he can hurt you. Or he can say things about you that nobody else you will allow to say to you.

Now, this kind of relationship, I will name some of the relationships can be your spouse, can be your parent, can be your sibling, and can be your best friend. It is just like reading a murder mystery and you find out, oh my god, I never thought this could be the murderer!!. But then this is what I say these are the fine prints of healing. And you can’t ignore because as long as these fine prints are not looked at, you will go through all the nine yards of healing going from one doctor to another, one pathy to another pathy praying to God, going to churches, temples, you will not improve, you will not be healed.

Because these fine prints are so fine. You have to look closely. And sometimes you are not ready to put on glasses. Because you will be able to see clearly.


Find out who gets you down

So, imperative, important, necessary to look through your life. If your life is not going in an almost straight line making slow progress up and down. You are okay. If your life is going up, down, up, down. And whenever you’re up, you’re going to go down. So, this ride is not comfortable. Learn to find out who gets you down when you’re going up. There will be always one or two or three names or relations or people, those who are always associated with you connected to you, they know all about you and they know, where to hit where it hurts.

So, once you find out those people, it is not necessary to fight with them and immediately say you’re fired, which you cannot do. You have to learn how to handle them, how to educate them and how to tell them; no, no, no, no, no, don’t do this to me, it hurts me. And it  is a process to handle this situation, which we can learn on a gradual level. And it cannot be you know cut, cut, cut because it involves relationships. It involves family. It involves a closer association with somebody. If healing matters, so this piece of information should matter to you. In its absence, healing is impossible with a capital ‘I’. Thank you.

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