Organic food or conventional food!!

Organically grown foods and conventional foods are two new words, which people are careful about when they buy food, mostly produce and then also processed foods as well which is not very good news is that organic foods are more expensive than conventional forms.

What are ORGANIC foods?

I think it should not be that way because organic foods are the foods, according to my understanding in the foods which are growing by themselves and they do not need extra support in the form of chemicals or manures, they grow in their capacity and grow naturally wholesomely. So it should not require that much effort to grow food products, and then sell them as it is.

Why organic foods are more expensive?

But organic foods are more expensive, because of various reasons and one of the reasons is that you need to have some certification and for their certification, you have to pay the extra amount to get that USDA organic label. And as a result, you pay more price for that. That’s one of my understandings.

But then, you can also try and look for people who are growing locally and the best example is farmers market in almost all the states here. And take food from the local farmers, local growers and then that food should have more natural values than values induced in the food in the form of chemicals or pesticides or manure or. Food is grown on its terms and whatever time it takes in growing and whatever form or shape it has that is what is the organic nature of food.

So, sometimes you see in the stores, the food looks beautiful, you know all the tomatoes are the same size. And bananas look similar alike while when you look at a tree plant it has variation in its product. So, the things may not be that good looking, but you go for the looks of the food, or you should go for the nutritive value of the food that is what is important.

When you are buying food, do you know how to identify ORGANIC food?

One important tip which I learned is that when you look for organic food. It always best to check the stickers on the products on the vegetables and the fruit. If the sticker is starting with the number nine, so that means it is organic produce. And if it is starting with number four then it is conventional produce. And then once you take food whether it is organic or inorganic, the longer you keep it in the refrigerator and you end up eating dead food which is now deprived of its original life force.

So food does have enzymes, juices, and another thing which I will always like to mention, it has life energy. The moment you pluck it from the plant or the tree. It is separated from the life energy and now it is dying slowly. So the more you keep it out longer you keep it in the refrigerator, So that it doesn’t perish otherwise it will perish. So less lifeforce it has.

Using the LIFEFORCE of the food in its original form will nourish you

Food is a natural resource that just brings the life force straight on. So keep it like that and use that lifeforce of the food in its original form and then it nourishes you. So I wanted to touch base on organic and conventional food. What is the difference and why is the price high? And how can you go around and take food from the local growers. And sometimes you know, I have seen neighbors exchanging grown food with each other. So look for easy access to this good nutritive food and then change your habits. Moving from organic, inorganic or conventional food to organic or natural holistic food.


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