There are three words that have always intrigued me or made me think about them. One of them is philosophy.

People generally do not understand the meaning of philosophy. When they do, they usually think that philosophy has something to do with someone. Who is overthinking, or someone who has gone cuckoo thinking about different ideologies? This is how philosophy is seen by people.

As I looked at this word and its meaning, this word has a beautiful meaning. It says Phil, or sophy, Phil stands for love, or sophy for wisdom, and philosophy stands for love for wisdom. It is interesting to note that when you are aware of the meaning of the word philosopher. You immediately begin to ask yourself, who is not a philosopher? Everyone wants to know more and more, and wisdom is sought after in some form or another.


In addition, there is a second word that is very commonly used. But not fully understood by many people. That word is called science. The concept of science appears to be cut and dry. However, I was able to find its meaning, which states that science is the systematic study of knowledge.

As I understand it, if you are a philosopher and you seek wisdom. You collect a lot of information from the process. That information must then be put in order, or put in a systematic way, in order for it to be used.

Therefore, philosophy gave birth to science or the subject of science, or the process of putting together information for effective use, which is called science by us.



The third word is also very common but is not fully understood by most people, which is art. I would describe art as the application of science. It is the way in which you apply the information that you have discovered, rediscovered, searched or researched in a creative and original way. It becomes art.

If you take a look at an artist, for example, a musician or guitarist, or a painter. All these people have lots of information or a system that they follow, in order to perform. Or to produce a result that looks beautiful, especially when it comes to the artist’s beauty.

So, these three words are the words that must be felt, that need to be felt. You have to wake up your philosopher within you, your scientist within you, and your artist within you. It is only when these three words are felt, and we allow them to fully express themselves, that life becomes complete.



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