My previous job was teaching Science to high school students. As a teacher, I enjoy getting to the heart of the matter and conveying my knowledge to students. The information I gave to them was in the spirit of passion, so I was not sure if they would like it or not. Poor things must sit through an hour of class and pretend to understand. As I went through rigorous explanations of the topic, I was shocked that they did not retain what I had taught them over time.

Despite all the real-life examples I used to make it more palatable. I was stunned and couldn’t figure out why nothing was retained. As I observed closely, I realized that from their perspective, it is something they should learn and then reproduce in the examination to pass and prove it to their custodians and teachers.

In addition to me, there were about half a dozen more masters of the subject. Who wanted to download the quick, ready-made information through them so they could understand and reproduce it in the test.

My heart broke when I realized how much torture they endured daily while pretending to understand and know what they were doing. For me, this whole situation was a choking experience.

There was no honesty about the purpose of bringing everyone together to learn what.

Almost all study materials compilations of observations made by others, and you must follow them to the letter and agree with them. In most cases, the data they collected was not relevant to their lives and were only pertinent to the classroom curriculum. When you ask them what they learned after they pass the exam and score well, they have the same blank look.
What’s the point!!!

In the end, I resigned from my job because I just couldn’t take this drama anymore. I pondered what it would take for these students to become more themselves. What will encourage them to look forward to the next day or, for that matter next moment? They were unaware of what would happen to them after this regime of forceful imparting of knowledge and wisdom was over.

What is the point!!

After about half a century, my friends and family continue working hard to collect. What is a must-have and a should-have for living. I am reminded of the same classroom experience. Where we don’t question why we are doing what we are doing.

Despite the burdensome nature of life, it has become the norm. This continuity of existence from a small classroom to a bigger playground is the same. In anticipation of the good time when he can relax and enjoy life fully after having gone through the whole gamut of life, one is patiently waiting.

There is something peculiar about this race in that no matter how fast you run. There will always be someone who will beat you to the finish line. Sometimes you decide not to run at all, accepting defeat; other times. You run faster and faster, hoping one day you will prevail.

And if you win, someone asks you what you have won over. Who did you defeat in this race? What did you finally get out of it?
The answer is the same blank looks.

Embracing “Nothingness”

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