Stress acts as a motivator

Nowadays, stress is an integral part of our daily lives. Sometimes stress acts as a motivator also, because when you are pushed against some deadlines or pushed against some goals you have made, you work hard to achieve them. And finally, you get them. So it’s one of some kind of motivation.

We all are from different ethnicities and different parts of the world and different cultures. In families, every family’s culture is different from every other family. So when you belong to any culture, group, nation, or country where the culture is to compete, compete with one another and compete with yourself, it is always there that you can do better. That is one baseline of stress. Because whatever you do is not enough.

Whatever you do, or you have is less than somebody else

To begin with, that baseline is given to you by your teachers, or your parents because they want you to excel in everything. And gradually, you don’t even know when you adapt to that baseline, that becomes your baseline too.

Whatever you do, or you have is less than somebody else. And that does not let you be at peace You try to cover it up in various ways, saying that I’m okay, this is good enough. And I’ve learned to live with whatever I have. But this is an inner desire to excel, excel in all fields, and be better, and better and better. Whatever you do.

I will say that, at the onset, it doesn’t seem a bad idea, because one should continue to improve it. But then if you look at longer running people, those who are in race for these reasons, they end up becoming too stressed, you know, they come back full circle. And now they’re at a point where they cannot run in the race and they see others running and they feel they failed, didn’t do couldn’t do what they were supposed to do. And whatever has been done is of no value, because they could have done more. Buy a car, a better car, than somebody else has, you get a good job, and somebody else has a better job than you. You buy some good clothing, somebody else is better than that.

Your life is under STRESS, pressure imposed either by yourself or others.

So these are normal and minor examples of day-to-day living. And when do you become a victim of that? Where you tell yourself you can do better than this. And you can excel and what is it that you don’t have that others have and then you are in the loop of stress, ongoing pressure imposed on yourself, either by yourself or by others. This is one baseline of stress, which people ignore and we will develop more on.

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