Invalidating presence around you or making nothing of you

We are all interconnected with each other

When we are living with other people, and life is very interconnected, we live together, eat together, sleep together. So very connected network, sometimes with one person. And sometimes with a group of people living in the same house named as family. So, these people, they contribute in their own beautiful way to the journey of life you’re living. And you also contribute back to them.

If you ACCEPT that, then you have to STAND UP to that issue Everything seems well adjusted, because this is how it is something on other always happens in life, in family, and we always adjust and, you know, we can’t fight with family all the time and family is there for you and who else is there for you? So it’s very hard. I think maybe we are not ready to accept the realities of somebody very close and dear to us causing being the main cause of you’re not being well. I’m saying the main cause, you’re not ready to accept that, because if you accept that, then you have to stand up to that issue and face it and ask that precious relationship to stop doing that.


You are not where you should be, you do not exist the way one should exist

I call that as a presence, you know, which tells you all the time, how you could have done it better or how you can improve, how what you did was not right, how that other precious relationship would have done it better or he told you already and you did not listen to him, with all these suggestions and comment you are being made less and less and less and less.

They basically tell you, you are not where you should be, you do not exist the way you should exist. And these comments and suggestions and help is very sugar-coated because they are the one who means the best for you and they had been living with you for years and who can be a better person for you than them? So the process takes a toll on you.

And then gradually you realize and agree that if that person does not say you are okay, you’re not okay. So I call this an invalidating presence around you or a negative presence. So we’ll continue to talk about it.


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