Communication issues!!

Communication is dependent on devices

There is a world where people are dependent on various devices. And the devices that help them get information or advice or time pass. And these devices have become a substitute for real communication.

Communication is an outflow. You release energy when you talk

And as a result, people are forgetting how to communicate with each other. And believe it or not, it has become a problem and the problem is increasing, though people are in groups sitting with each other being with each other, somehow they do not even know how to start the conversation, carry on the conversation, or how to end a conversation and they’re sitting quietly next to each other, not sharing or talking to each other, whichever way they come, they go.


It is more common for people to misunderstand each other than to feel understood

It is something that should be urgently handled or taken care of because communication is an outflow, you flow out energy when you talk and very normal simple communication is more effective than full of big words or expressions or heavy mannerisms. I work with people and most of the time I have seen that the simplicity of communication has gone out and as a result, the more prevalent feeling is that they are misunderstood rather than feeling that they are being understood. It is a problem that needs to be addressed.

It is important to find an effective method of handling or winning over the communication process.

o, I decided to work on it. I have been delivering courses in communication for years now, and I have done my own research on what are the fine prints of communication which can be missing, and as a result, the whole conversation or the relationship has gone out of the window. And it is no fun. It’s no fun having friends. It’s no fun talking to the family because the basics of communication are somehow out. So, this is going to be our next series, where we will be talking, discussing more and more about communication, and trying to find a workable way to handle or win over the process of communication.


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