SNIPPETS OF ‘AAO : Arrive At Origin’ Workshop – Day 6

AAO: Arrive at Origin’ Workshop 

DAY 6:  Increased Awareness of the Present

Message by Dr. Alka Chopra Madan

By observing silence, we receive a different kind of response, which I have named ‘Sensing’.

“Sensing is beyond the five sense organs”.  Sensing is the faculty that we have to develop in order to reduce our dependency on our five sense organs as to make use of the five sense organs we need to be active and alert always. For instance, we need to keep our eyes and ears open to be active and alert. But sensing doesn’t require us to be active all the time. By observing silence, we get to the point where our eyes and ears are closed but we are able to sense everything.  A point where when the birds chirp, you will feel that you are the center of it. The whole idea of traveling on this journey through silence is that you arrive at your origin by achieving ‘Sensing’. Also, we generally believe that we all possess five senses and very few people are blessed with a sixth sense. But I believe that everyone of us has a sixth sense; we just don’t make efforts to deepen the strength of the sixth sense. By observing silence, we are able to deepen the intensity and vigour of this faculty.

Moreover, during the process of observing silence, you will experience that what you’ve been missing in your life is the ability to love yourself, which allows you to be happy by being with yourself and not complaining about your shortcomings. 

How Observing Silence is Beneficial and Efficient than Other Meditations and Chanting Techniques?  

All chanting techniques and different meditations involve focusing on something or some point or involve the repetition of a particular chant. When you are doing something, like focusing on your breath or chanting, you allow yourself to get involved again in something. When you do not do anything, you are in nothingness. Hence, when we observe silence, we have to sit in a vacuum, avoiding every activity and thought people who follow guided meditations most sincerely have also expressed that even when they involve themselves in any guided meditation or chanting exercise, they automatically shift to observing silence.


  • Keeping silent is an excellent way to rebalance the energy in the house.
  • The best time for observing silence is before you sleep at night. Before lying down to sleep, sit and observe silence for 10-15 minutes. This will allow you to have a very peaceful sleep because you let all the data and thoughts in your mind settle down.


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