What will slow down healing?

In the process of healing- one of the key factors is our ENVIRONMENT

When we are continuing our journey on healing. There are certain things that we get used to. And we do not think they are coming as a barrier in the process of healing. One of the key factors is your environment. Sometimes you’re living in an environment that can be pretty heavy on you. In the sense that it does not gel with you that environment does not gel with you, but then you have learned to adjust with it and you decide to live in that environment come what may.


Gradually that suppressive environment, to call it as something which suppresses you. Or makes nothing of you, catches up with you. And that suppressive environment is something that is unavoidable you learn to live in that. And you learn to manage and handle that, that is part and parcel of your day-to-day living. By the time you find out that it has done the damage to you. Because you are expressing their suppression in some form say, emotional outbursts or physical outbursts. So, it is important to recognize the dangerousness of the environment.

it is important to recognize the dangerousness of the environment

Some of the hints which I can give to you is that the biggest supplier of danger to you. That is the media, media, TV, YouTube, and WhatsApp. All these accessories which we are using for our day-to-day living. And giving us extra information about the things which we don’t need to. But then it happens to come in front of us. COVID increasing at a faster rate, and more diseases are expanding. Like fire in this part of the country, earthquakes over there, and war in other regions. These are certain things that you cannot do anything about it because you have your limited capability and capacity.

But you become an effect of it, you feel the emotion of people in an earthquake. And people in war and people in the fire, people dying of COVID you feel their emotions. You cannot just say, switch off, you get involved in that. And then the whole environment around you seems very dangerous. And you just unknowingly remain suppressed by those kinds of news.

If you’re living in a family, or in a relationship, where you are being corrected over and over. And you are being told old stories, you are being told different responsibilities over and over.

First step of healing- one step at a time

So, you are on an alert in that familiar relationship or in the presence of family. Always ready to provide, you cannot relax. You know, that alertness also suppresses you because you want to relax. And be yourself, be with yourself, and be who you are. And you do not need to be corrected and reminded all the time. That this is how you live, this is how you should live.

So, that is additional suppression that comes and which is very hidden. And you think this is part and parcel of life. And I don’t think that it should be. You cannot come out of the familiar relationships. You know, from the family you’re living with or your near and dear ones. Those who are doing all this to you. But recognizing that this is affecting you. Can help you to be on the first step of healing one step at a time. Handling the dangerous environment.


Become aware of that this kind of information is bringing danger to you

The first step is to become aware of that this kind of information is bringing danger to you. So, be aware and save yourself as much as you can. And from this extra information or this extra correction or this extra alertness. And as if something is going to happen, right the next moment. We will continue on healing- read more about holistic healing.

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