SNIPPETS OF ‘AAO: Arrive at Origin’ Workshop – DAY 3

AAO: Arrive at Origin’ Workshop 

SNIPPETS OF DAY 3: Unearthing Yourself           

All of us have goals or plans of the things we want to achieve in life, which makes us live inside a shell of what I call the ‘Artificial You’, who has learned to compare yourself to your own self, yourself with others, yourself with previous moments or the previous days or with your previous achievements. You believe that the shell you are in is real, but in the midst of observing silence, you catch glimpses of who you really are.

By observing silence, we help ourselves to be freed from this ‘Artificial You’, which allows us to be in the present time, where everything seems playful and enjoyable. During the process of observing silence, we reach a state, which in Greek is called ‘Terra Incognita’, which is ‘an area unknown’. To reach this ‘area unknown’ we must abandon the crutches, supports, and lessons we have learned and are used to living with.

How can we reach ‘Terra Incognita’, the ‘area unknown’?

Our mind works like a computer: it receives data, puts it in one part of our mind, computes it, and then programs it. However, when it cannot resolve and program a particular thought and then another problem surfaces, you force it to run and analyze many programs altogether. This takes away all your energy instead of giving you energy. However, when you sit in silence, all those programs will start running automatically, and all your problems will be programmed and processed by your mind. You must let all the thoughts of your mind process in their entirety until you reach the state of thoughtlessness, which is the entrance to ‘Terra Incognita’.

On Day 3 of the workshop, a few participants experienced phases of thoughtlessness, which signifies the progress they made towards reaching ‘thoughtlessness’, the entrance to this ‘area unknown’ where we can find who we really are.

Experiences Shared by the Participants After the Session

  • More positive thoughts were experienced compared to the thoughts experienced on the previous two days.
  • As brilliantly put by a participant, it felt like the universe’s physical laws didn’t really apply—for instance, the feeling of being out of one’s body and then coming back.
  • During the process, the pending tasks were forgotten for a brief period, which provided relief from the stress of daily life.
  • A connection with one’s body was felt in the utmost natural manner.
  • Aches such as headaches and stiffness in other parts could be felt.
  • There was a sense of enjoyment in the relaxed state of mind making one forget the immediate surroundings.
  • The past anxieties and frustrations could be deliberated upon, further allowing a release of these repressed emotions.



  1. Our thoughts are constantly in motion; sometimes, the motion is swift, and sometimes it is slow, but eventually, the thoughts settle down. We need to remember that we must give sufficient time to our thoughts so that they settle down eventually.
  2. Also, it must be noted that the process is so doable and straightforward that it allows you to build up from wherever you left before. In other words, once you have done the process, you will find yourself at the same stage even if you don’t do it for two years.


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