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Nobody can actually heal you but YOURSELF

Nobody can actually heal you but yourself. For you to heal yourself, you have to come up with all your energy together, and in order and that energy to be together, you have to see various day-to-day activities which disperse you or distribute you in different segments. When I ask somebody to get his first step in the process of healing, I always say that can you make a list of all the undone, unfinished work in your life which are pending, and those pending items are taking away a lot of your energy or attention just by making a list of those things, restores a person’s energy and now, you know what to do.


First step is to put all your energy together

To get out of confusion, the first step is to hold on to one and off solution and then navigate along with that solution through the problem. So, putting your energy together is the first step, and then for you to heal or recover from something, some ailment, some loss, or some problem, always try to make a timeline like when it started and how it was before it started. And from them from then to now. Because the timeline will bring you to now, and when you believe in making time, then you will be surprised to see that you are still in then and not now.

So, if one does not move along with time, so-called time or flow with the flow of nature, the flow of the universe, and gets stuck in some part or getting some part of the illusion and thinks this is what it will be forever.


Making a timeline can be the next step

Making a timeline can be the next step time from when the problem started to the present time;

List out all the events which come to your mind.
List out all the situations you have been through from then to now.
List out all the fears which you foresee and anxieties which you foresee that also take you away from now,

So, a human being or an individual is in now, he is not in then on this side or then on that side means he cannot be in the past or in the future. If you are in the past or in the future, then your energy is unavailable. You are dispersed in these two time zones are points that are taking you away from now while you want to heal now.

Get our energy together and heal ourselves


So I help you, I help you hold your hand help you walk from then to now. Look at the beauty of now. The Power Strength of now. Now might look scary. Not because of its own existence but because it can look scary because you’re still out of it. You’re still out of it either on this side or on that side, either in the past or in the future. Let’s come back to the present moment. Get our energy together and heal ourselves. This is what holistic healing is come join me. We will travel together. Thank you


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