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We are continuing with the process of handling the resistances that we have built up or certain things. Like we mentioned in our earlier topic about you know, your disliking for red color. How you resist red color all the time. And as a resistance for red color, you keep looking out for red color that fearing. And you may not see the red color, because the red color will put you off.

More you try to avoid, more it shows up

I generally take an example of asking somebody. If I asked you not to think about ice cream, so what do you do or what happens to you. He says that, you know, oh, I just think about ice cream only all the time. And more I try not to think about ice cream, more ice cream will showing up.

So, living in the world of no or resisting things, and then you know, trying to avoid them stay away from them for your peace of mind, for your mental health.

I doesn’t work like that, it I haven’t seen it working like that supposing a woman is very afraid of her mother in law and cannot handle her presence or even the thought of her or you know her voice on the phone. So, it means mother in law is like the ice cream, whom you do not want to think about and more you try to avoid, more it shows up.


More you resist, more you get

This fight continues with any character it can be boss, it can be your child, it can be your best friend who has betrayed you now or best friend whom you think is not doing something favorable to you. So those kinds of things, you know, when you find the thoughts are circling in your head and you’re unable to stop.

So, that means there is something you are now resisting. More you resist, more you get. You resist, it persists. So the solution is very easy, so easy that it’s kind of unbelievable.

More you face it face to face. More you will see it melting away

So, when you know somebody says don’t think about ice cream, so ice cream pops up more and more. So now let’s think about ice cream, okay think everything about ice cream. You know what is there in the ice cream or that matter mother in law, think everything, let all the emotions about mother in law come to you, you know, her tone of voice and her expression, which you just avoid, not look at, let’s look at them, all of them sit with everything about her. Everything. Sit as we’re sitting in a sauna and this heat is covering you on all the sides, you know, sit with it till it starts melting away.

This is the natural process and natural phenomena when you start facing something eye to eye or you bring out all the hidden features of it or all the fears about it. All the losses about that relationship, let everything go through you, through you. Without resistance it might give you a stomach ache. It might make you feel like get up, it might bring tears, it might bring lots of anger and rage but sit through it. sit through it, do not get up in the middle. Sit as long as you can sit comfortably and then sit again, little by little, little by little face it.

Face that ugliness in that relationship, face that disliking face that hatred in that relationship. face that fear in that relationship. More you face it, face to face. More you will see it melting away.


Let all the suppression express

I can guarantee you it works. Nothing else will work. No religious chanting will work, no medication will work, no mindfulness will work, they will all work little by little, or you push it down, push it down. I’m not asking you to push it down, I’m asking you to bring it on. And look at it comfortably by being there, and your eyes closed. Let all the emotions, pain, sensations, feelings about that particular person, or relationship or an idea, show up. And let all the suppression express, the best and the only way to handle and suppression is expression, express.

Let all your body parts express it, you know, frozen shoulder is having some suppression there, let that frozenness of the shoulder express it in the form of an emotion and then you’ll see yourself healing.

Healing comes to you those who are able to express themselves in its purest form, without changing the form of expression without saying that, Oh, it doesn’t hurt anymore. I’m fine now, and I can handle it. Just check whatever it hurts and it will start healing.

So, as I mentioned, healing is a process. Take one step at a time. Go slow, go gradual. But this is the only way. The way out is the way through it. Thank you


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