What is Yoga?

Yoga does not mean bodily postures or exercises. Yoga means paving the path of spiritualism. It is choosing the path of greater truth. Understanding the journey of life and creating a balance in different parts of it. It is a spiritual discipline. Discipline to get to the reality of this apparent world. If one does not follow the discipline one gets distracted by the appearance of the physical universe which is not the real deal.

Yoga encourages the science of meditation. Meditation means silence within and silence from the outer noise. This silence spreads in the consciousness. The silence is the first step of the meditation. Disconnecting from the senses of the physical world and being with yourself. Let quietness takes over. This is the basic of the meditation.

Everyone has a unique reality which he has created over time. He has created his own puzzle and only he can solve it. Being silent, being mindful or being meditative is the same thing. One does not need to add on more but sort out what is already existing.

Yoga is very ancient science; it has been changed by one or the other person. Yoga means the harmonious flow of energy. When the harmony breaks the energy gets dispersed and disturbed. It gets locked in various body parts or on the emotional levels. One does not move ahead with the locked-up energy. It needs to be released so that it is in original native state. The way it was derived from the source or from the lord or God.

Have you ever seen a river merging with the ocean, before it merges it becomes quiet, slow, meditative and just merge in the vibrant, joyous ocean. This union is the union, and this is Yoga. Going back to the origin in peaceful meditative way, undisturbed, calm.

Be a Yogi, live like a Yogi, end this lifetime like a yogi and finally merge with the ocean.

Eternal union is Yoga.

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