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Relaxation Is IMPORTANT

Relaxation is as important as doing physical exercise. People do strenuous exercises to shape up their body muscles and reduce fat, lower weight, or different other physical activities like running, walking, and maybe yoga also to some extreme proportions so that they reduce, look thinner, and fitter.

After every physical exercise, I think the body needs some time to relax because you have sent a message to the body by stretching its limits. So let the body reach those limits. And for that body needs time. Relaxation is extremely, extremely important. If you’re going in a regime of physical fitness.

Push Your Body For One Day And Let It Relax For One Day

I will say that, push your body for one day and then leave it, let it relax for one day, and put it to sleep for longer than you usually do. Because in that time, it is also going to regain its flexibility to get to your expectations. If you keep pushing it and do not give any time to relax, then the results are sometimes dangerous. And when I say relaxation, that means

  1. being quiet is one,
  2. listening to relaxing music is another, and
  3. being in solitude, and then just telling yourself to relax.

Be Friends With Your Body. Don’t Punish It

Once it relaxes, give yourself another come-on to relax more and then relax more. And then sit in that relaxation mode as if you’re sitting in a sauna and just let your body completely lose and then see how fast it recovers and how fast it comes up to your expectations. Be friends with your body. Don’t punish it.


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