Are you lonely or misunderstood!!

Being lonely or alone is a problem

Being lonely or alone is a problem. On one side, we want solitude in being alone; we want the space we want to be with ourselves. On the other side, we want to be with someone or a group of people, to be with like-minded people, and to enjoy life being with others. So, there is a contradiction in our existence. If you want to be alone, you want to be with others.

When you are in a group that encourages you to be who you are and supports you with your thoughts and philosophy of life, you feel supported and part of the group. If you are in a group, the group can be of two people, say in marriage, the group can be a family of parents, the group can be of extended family, cousins, and other family members, but if they do not share your ideology, your way of thinking, your prime purpose of living, you feel alone. So being alone is not being physically alone.

Being alone means being misunderstood, not aligned, and not admired or respected for who you are. It is a dreadful feeling.

You have amassed or collected everything Planet Earth offers to you properties, money, job, and all the gadgets in the house, and we still feel lonely; all these things bite us. So, being alone does not mean that you are physically not in close proximity with someone being alone and not being understood or granted the beingness of who you are.


I will ask you to sit with yourself for some time and go through this emotion of loneliness or being alone

When you have these feelings of, you know, not being understood or being alone or lonely, I will ask you to sit with yourself for some time and go through this emotion of loneliness or being alone. And let it completely be experienced. Let, don’t dread it, don’t try to run away from it, don’t feel that somehow this emotion should go away. No, just sit with it, sit with being alone, being misunderstood, being not liked, being not respected, being not admired, sit with these emotions. Let these emotions emerge out of you; let them be expressed out of you.

Once they are released, this is the way to release them to let them completely come out of you, not arguing, changing, or adjusting with them; just completely have them as they have been given to you by your circumstances by other people or by the so-called world. So, once you let them release you, you will be surprised you will not be left with that feeling of being alone.

Being alone unknowingly is an emotion that is not a state of existence

This is a stored energy given to you. By your situation remarks, comments, and misunderstandings throughout life or the number of years you have interacted with others. So being alone unknowingly is an emotion that is not a state of existence. Whether you are in a group or you are not in a group, try this out and handle this emotion. This will make you feel wholesome, complete, and not alone. Thank you



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