The question for today is, is there a need for learning? Should one be learning? Who is a learner man? And what is the use of learning in our life?

Whenever you learn from the past, you remain in the past

Whenever you learn from the past, you remain in the past. Therefore, whatever new thing happens to you in your life, you compare it with the past.

When you learn from gurus, motivational speakers, and leaders, it is something that brings you to the future, since they talk about how life is better than now. That takes you to the future.

Therefore, both learning from experience and learning from others’ experiences take you out of the present moment. If you are out of the present time, you miss the life that is being presented to you in the present moment.


The present moment can only be experienced through direct observation and not through any kind of lens.

If you are present, you are aware of what is happening, and you choose an appropriate solution. As long as you are in the present, that is the best solution. If you are making decisions based on the past, that may not be the best option.

Now, if you’re taking the solution based on how others took it, that may not be the right solution.

Your present moment is the best tool

Soul Body Healing Center- Your present moment is the best tool to determine how much and what type of path that solution should be leading you down.

So, if we are dependent on direct observation. We will see that as time goes on, we are more attentive and capable of dealing with life as it comes. There is no need to prepare for life or worry about what will happen if this or that happens. Life happens and you happen along with it. That is the power of now. It is best to remain in the present, to experience it, and to enjoy it.


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