Anger and Depression

Anger and Depression

Anger and Depression, We all feel angry for a number of reasons, some reasons make sense some well don’t. Anger can be a good way to release negative emotions, but anything in excess usually spells disaster. Many people today face anger management problems because of a number of stressors- job, relationship, social media, road rage, substance abuse, and improper sleeping habits.

Anger can also be a substitute emotion. By this, we mean that sometimes people make themselves angry so that they don’t have to feel pain. People change their feelings of pain into anger because it feels better to be angry than it does to be in pain.

A person who may be described as “short-tempered”- He or she may “snap” at family or friends easily, small things tend to annoy them and have frequent outbursts may be suffering from agitated depression. This most often happens after a depressive episode. The sufferer may have been diagnosed with depression at some point in their lives.


  • Hair-pulling, nail-biting, self-mutilation
  • Fidgeting
  • Recurring thoughts- often about the past
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Difficulty sleeping

While it can be difficult to deal with such a person, it is important to remember that they are the victims of their own emotions. Most sufferers will turn to substance abuse, to numb some of their excessive feelings. This just makes everything worse. Guilt, remorse, social-anxiety, insomnia most likely follow the sufferer and makes them angrier at the world and themselves.

The first step is to identify the problem, accept the problem, and build the mindset to change.

To more about anger and Depression management. Schedule an appointment for stress management counseling session.

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