Natural Hair-care: Beautiful and healthy hair the holistic way

Hair is our crowning glory. Beautiful and healthy hair adds grace to your personality. Damaged hair means you are unhealthy from within. Excessively dry and brittle hair to indicate vitamin & mineral deficiency or thyroid problems. Use of natural hair-care products and maintaining a healthy diet will restore the shine and beauty to your hair.

Here are a few natural products that should be used if one desires healthy hair.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) powder is extremely beneficial for your hair. It helps prevent hair loss and makes hair
thicker and softer.

To make amla powder hair mask-

  • Mix one tablespoon amla powder with castor oil and vitamin E
  • Apply the thick paste on your scalp and hair
  • cover your hair with a shower cap
  • Wash with a mild shampoo after one hour
  • Repeat at least Twice a week

How to make your hair straight naturally

  • Apply coconut oil regularly – keep overnight
  • sleep with silk cap- stops breakage and reduces tangles
  • After washing (always use mild shampoo) apply aloe gel to semi-dry hair
  • Comb hair only after its dry- wet hair breaks easily
  • use a wooden comb to brush your hair

Aloe Vera gel has a number of health benefits. Use it for-

  • Smooth Hair– mix with coconut oil and apply all over your scalp and hair one hour before washing. When hair is semi-
    dry use a little aloe gel as a leave-in moisturizer
  • Beautiful Skin– apply all over your body after bath for healthy and flawless skin
  • Stomach ache– have a spoonful of aloe to calm your upset tummy.
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