What is the metaphysical aspect of grief?

metaphysical aspect of grief

What is the metaphysical aspect of grief? In the physical world, grief signifies separation, a detachment from something. In the metaphysical world, it is very hard to separate from one another. So, you remain connected to each other forever. The more you identify with your physical body, the less you sense the influence of the metaphysical universe, where everything exists perpetually and in the present.

But this transition from physical to metaphysical does not happen in an instant, overnight, or just by thinking about it. You have to transition gradually from the made-up agreements of this physical world, all the illusions you are living in. And you feel that these stories which happened with you were the true stories and not an illusion, as long as you believe them to be real, believe those stories to be real. So, you will feel more and more part of the physical world and this physical world will separate you from the metaphysical existence. And you will feel the loss or moment you transition to the metaphysical realities. 

In the metaphysical realm, the sun never sets on you. here you are forever, where you exist with your loved ones forever. No separation, no time, no beginning, no end, just always. That is the metaphysical aspect of grief. It is an emotion, which we all experience now and then. It is part of the package deal you got on planet Earth, experience grief too.

In reference to grief, do you understand all the other emotions of this package? Pleasure, cheerfulness, exhilaration, joy, and serenity from grief upwards, that is a metaphysical aspect of grief. And that is what is true. Whether you agree or not. That is all there is, and we are part of it forever.


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