What is Metaphysics?


Many times people ask me,  “What is Metaphysics?”

Metaphysics sounds familiar because it has ‘physics’ included with ‘meta’. To find an example, in today’s world, a good example is Facebook. On Facebook, we all put up our faces and then make our profiles and become visible to the rest of the world. So, Facebook became popular in no time because people could connect with each other through this mode called the Internet. After some time, Facebook’s name changed to metaverse. Again, the Metaverse is rhyming with the universe. Metaphysics rhymes with physics. So wherever this universe ends, the Metaverse begins, wherever physics ends, metaphysics begins. In other words, what we can say is physics and metaphysics are the name of the same thing. Physics can be experienced through physical means, and metaphysics can be experienced through non-physical means. 

To experience physics, we need five sense organs, and to experience metaphysics, we need Sixth Sense, common sense, or Seventh Sense, which is nonsense because it cannot be given any name. But you can always feel the presence of meta, metaverse. We are human and we are meta-human. Another word for metahuman is spiritual beings. Physics is a universal form, and meta is the universe in which there is no form. So we keep moving from being in form or being formless. But we continue to exist here, always. When somebody is not in the physical form, you can compare it with a video or a Zoom call with somebody where audio and video is mute.

You can’t see that person where he can see you. So, all of us when we move to Metaverse, still can see and hear. But the people who are in the physical world, cannot see or hear because they don’t believe that they can see or hear or they refuse to own this ability or they refuse to see through those eyes and ears. People who are no longer in the physical form or in the physical universe, and now part of the metaverse or in non-physical form. 

I personally always felt more like a part of the metaphysical or Metaverse, the physical or this universe. So I enjoy this universe more because I have not forgotten my origin or my home, my home universe, the place where I belong to? And I never forget that I’m visiting. And I always keep the attitude of a visitor. A visitor who is here to explore more, to experience more, to enjoy more. Because the visit is for a short duration. You might come back, but you have to leave because the visit has an expiration date.

But the truth is, the reality is so relieving that you just move from being in a form to being formless. The rules of the metaphysical universe, or Metaverse control the physical universe. We are all part of the metaverse. We are all meta-humans. We are acting like humans, doing good acting. Your story or your acting should bring pleasure to you and to all others.


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