Seasonal Flu 

Seasonal Flu 

Now and then the season changes and you hear people around you coughing or complaining of fever. Not everybody catches that, but a few people catch it. 

Whenever you go through the experience of the flu or fever, there are a couple of things to consider as you embark on your journey to recover. Most of the time, illness strikes, and before the physical symptoms appear, there can be an emotional upset. This may escalate into an emotional upheaval that you find challenging to confront. It could be related to interactions with another person, internal struggles, or a life situation that you feel ill-equipped to handle.

When you’re emotionally weak, Mr. Flu takes over. And then you struggle with the physical aspect of it—your body is down with fever, you’re coughing, and you’re sick. So there are many ways in which you can handle the flu, like taking antibiotics and other medicines. 

But the best medicine in this period is to have tender, loving care for yourself. Eat well, eat what you like most, and just take it as a sabbatical. You are on a break, so dress well. And listen to good music, watch some good movies, rest as much as you can, and drink liquid. And then enjoy these two or three days of interlude in your life which is called the flu. 

Whenever you meet somebody, don’t mention it. Don’t tell anybody, ‘I’m sick, I’m sick, I’m sick.’ Don’t even say that. This is the break time; enjoy it because you deserve it. You did not take a break earlier, and now it is painful. You will be blessed with this break time in the form of flu season, flu, or fever. Don’t say you are down with a fever because, after this period, your body will be rejuvenated again. Your body passes one more test; if it gets attacked, it fights back and then recovers. Ready to move forward again. Enjoy this glimpse.


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