The paradox of happiness

The problem with happiness is the risk of losing it. When things seem to go our way our anxious mind gives birth to the monster of overthinking. When we fall in love a little voice is always reminding us that the person could leave us at any time. That new job leaves us feeling stressed out of our mind. The A you scored in your test only adds pressure for next time.

Why is it that we cannot ever truly be happy? The happiness that comes from within, that happiness we don’t need to fuel with alcohol because it fuels our hearts. The fear of loss can be paralyzing. That fear makes us so anxious that we forget to enjoy our successes. Eventually, the very reason to be happy becomes nothing more than dread and worry.  We create these barriers in our minds that shackle our souls and leave us unhappy. Anxiety, stress, depression, substance abuse, nightmares and sleeping disorders all stem from over thinking.

How do we overcome feeling like this?

Mindfulness. Living in the present without the resentment of the past and fear of the future can help us feel alive and truly happy. Knowing that everything ends but a moment can live forever. Each day is brand new; we cannot control the universe or change fate. We can only control our actions and reactions and trust in the higher power to bring in our lives only that which matters.
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