How to resonate with people?

One of the primary ways to connect with people is to educate them. Never sell but inform people who come in your contact. Selling brings insecurity in people. Educating people brings connecting with people. A good student becomes a good teacher. Learning is incomplete till one implements it. in marketing, one becomes genuine and honest. Going too far or going a little less is the balance in marketing. If you can learn the laws of life and apply them in business makes the business very successful.
How to communicate through your heart rather than through an intellectual message. Why is it important to connect with people and how do you empathize with people. Have a genuine interest in the benefit of others. Most of the time in order to create a messaging through whatever means it really takes blocking the rest of the world for some time and empathize and feel the need of other people as far as technology is concerned. We should be able to connect to the emotional heart level. Connect intuitively to people’s desires and pain. if one can not connect to that part of yours then you cannot connect to that part of the people. Right now in the world, there is no shortage of problems to solve. Digital tools have been built out in a way that is making it possible to connect with lot more people than before. World needs help. Help people to help others. Help them people to the point where they want to be and not where you want them to be.
How to connect from person to person. Communication works when it is harmonious and peaceful. That is when it become effective. We want to work with people those who want to work with us.
You have to be clear in your thinking and once you connect with yourself it does connect with others. This connection brings prosperity.
Most important is to bring in marketing process.


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