Importance of Observing Silence in Avoiding Depression

Importance of Observing Silence in avoiding Depression

The journey to find happiness often involves chasing an extensive list of external items, relationships, or emotions. This pursuit, though well-intentioned, can lead to feeling lost and disconnected from oneself. The pursuit of spiritual fulfillment becomes a vital strategy for steering clear of the shadows of depression and embracing a life of abundance, love, and spiritual well-being. To prioritize our sixth sense and avoid depression, it starts with understanding the true meaning of happiness and peace. When we often ask others if they are happy or inquire about their life goals, the answers usually revolve around wanting happiness or peace. However, these words can mean different things to different people. I’ve always stressed the importance of sitting down and embracing silence as the initial step to truly understanding that list.

Silence becomes a powerful tool in this journey. Amidst the noise of external demands and societal expectations, taking moments of silence allows us to tune into our innermost thoughts and emotions. It’s in this quietude that we can distinguish the genuine desires that contribute to our well-being from the fleeting external influences that often lead to temporary satisfaction.

As we observe this list in silence, many items lose their significance. Seeking things outside of ourselves, where they don’t inherently exist, often leaves us empty-handed. The relentless search for external sources of happiness or peace can inadvertently take us further away from our true selves.

Throughout this journey, we encounter various teachers, mentors, or guides who suggest paths to get closer to our goals. With time and experience, we accumulate a set of practical solutions that supposedly lead to the fulfillment of our happiness list.

However, the true essence lies in recognizing that happiness is not solely found in external pursuits but in understanding and nurturing our inner selves. Prioritizing our sixth sense—the inner wisdom that guides us beyond external influences—becomes crucial.** By turning inward, we can navigate the complexities of life with a more profound understanding of our own needs and desires. This shift in focus from external to internal can be a powerful strategy for avoiding the pitfalls of depression and finding lasting contentment.

In embracing silence, we give ourselves the gift of self-reflection and introspection, creating a mental sanctuary where the noise of the world takes a backseat and our inner voice becomes clearer. Through this practice, we not only strengthen our connection with our sixth sense but also cultivate a sense of inner peace that serves as a resilient defense against the shadows of depression.

Avoiding depression through the practice of observing silence involves recognizing the limitations of constantly seeking external solutions for happiness. The journey often entails trying one solution after another, yet the feeling of happiness remains elusive, coming and going like passing clouds.

The first crucial message is to stop the ceaseless seeking. Seeking implies searching for something you don’t have, but what if that something is already within you?

It is not about creating more noise or seeking external solutions; instead, it’s about creating a space within to listen to the innate wisdom that already exists. By learning to live without constantly chasing external sources of happiness, we can tap into the simplicity of just being. Silence allows us to pause, reflect, and connect with the reservoir of peace and contentment that resides within, irrespective of external circumstances.

In essence, avoiding depression through the observance of silence means recognizing that the answers we seek are not out there but within us. It’s about embracing the present moment, letting go of the need for constant external validation, and finding solace in the inherent peace that is already a part of our being.


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