The Interrelationship between Emotions and Thoughts

Linear three-step progression explains how we experience the world around us

To understand the interrelationship between emotions and thoughts, we need to understand how we develop an understanding of the physical world. This linear three-step progression explains how we experience the world around us and how these experiences trigger emotions and thoughts.

The first thing we face in this physical world is Experience: We experience the physical universe through the sensation of our five sense organs. In other words, we first experience this physical universe through bodily experiences. And, these experiences gradually develop after we take birth. This can be seen in how a baby looks at his parents when he is firstborn.


After experiencing the physical world through the five sense organs, the baby expresses his emotions through crying, laughing, and smiling. Through his experiences, he develops an understanding of what makes him pleased and what he detests.

The third phase is when he starts thinking and begins speaking. The emotions of his physical experience trigger his thoughts that are articulated through words.

It is in the third phase that he finally begins to express his feelings regarding his experiences, whatever they may be.  This is how we develop an understanding of the physical universe.

Why do we need to understand the interrelationship between thoughts and emotions?

We need to understand how our thoughts and emotions are interrelated because we must realize that we experience emotions first and thoughts come at a later stage. Understanding this is essential for us to avoid overthinking. As most people try to control their thoughts in order to avoid overthinking, they never pay attention to how emotions and thoughts are interlinked.

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