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The Goal Of Everyone Is To Live A Healthy And Happy Life


In the process of living we adopt many processes to continue to live healthily, happily and this living process comprises a day and a night and the day is full of activities and then a person’s life is busy from morning till evening until he feels completely tired, his calendar is tied up and he is busy with daily activities.

Various Types Of Sleep Can Be Categorized As Follows:


It occurred to me that like all other activities, sleeping is also one of the very, very important activities and it is as important as remaining up and running, when you go to bed, before you go to bed and how you go to bed. If one pays attention to it, maybe it can be very effective for energetic and excited, and happy living.


There can be two phases of sleep, one can be just you know, falling flat on the bed, and going to sleep and then just thinking there is time to sleep. I call that Passive sleep, just falling unconscious or going out or being at pause for some time, and then get up and then go in the same motion again.


For your active sleep, I will say that start preparing for it at least one hour before you go to bed. Leave all your work whether finished or not. The only work you’re left with is being with yourself. Take a good warm shower, put on the best clothes that comfort you. Just the way you dress up to go somewhere outside and or to meet with someone, comforting your feet without shoes or slippers. Now you are just in your raw, original organic form.


Get settled in your bed nicely made with fresh linens, and a fresh comforter. As fresh as it could be, you might think that it is too much work to do. But then who are you doing it for you’re doing it for yourself, who do you want to give the most comfort to? Once you have done all these small gestures or processes to comfort you and now you’re sitting in your bed just like a royal person.

It Is Important To SCAN Your Day First

That’s your time, you earned it you are lucky enough to see this evening in your life. And now you just sit down and reflect on the day. Scan the day and then scan it once twice thrice.

Once the scanning is done, you will see all your unprocessed data and extra data. And a little bit of unpleasant emotions, everything will just settle down. And then you will be having a clear star-filled sky with dreamy eyes. Now it is time to go in the lap of sleep and nurture yourself while you’re sleeping. You are now completely in your world. Just try to see how different you feel the next day.

Once you have Active sleep. On the first day, second-day, and third day you will get in the habit of sleeping actively, not passively. Thank you


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